Fruiting Plums Tree- 3-4 feet

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Add Plum Fruiting Trees to Your Garden

Fruiting Plums Tree have dual purposes in a garden. Plum fruiting trees are one of these dual purpose plants. Fruiting Plums Tree have delightful dark colored, gnarly bark that provides a dramatic backdrop against winter snow events. Plum fruiting trees can grow to about twenty feet in height and eight to ten feet in width, depending on climate, soil and moisture. They grow well in Zones 2 to 8, although in drier zones, they do require more frequent water to keep roots from drying out. 

Beauty and Functionality in Plum Fruiting Trees
In zones two through five, plum fruiting trees begin to bloom as soon as temperatures are regularly above sixty degrees. Then, these trees produce a bountiful shower of pretty pink or white flowers. 

As temperatures climb, petals fall and tiny green buds of plum fruits begin to swell. It may take from six to eight weeks until fruits are fully ripened. It is advisable to try to keep birds and squirrels from eating green buds before they have a chance to become deep garnet red or purple plum fruits. There are also variegated types in light orange and green. 

Where to Plant Fruiting Plums Tree
For lovers of garden bowers, plant plum fruiting trees in a large arc design. They should be planted with healthy roots in six inches of rich, well drained soil with at least twelve inches of trunk and healthy limbs. 

Place mulch around the base of the plant to protect it from loss of moisture. Plum fruiting trees have thirsty roots that need at least ten feet of room between plants to spread beneath the soil. Plant plum fruiting trees at least ten feet apart in orchards and bowers. 

Fruiting Plums Tree Bear Fruit
The ethereal plum blossoms in late spring begin once the tree has acclimated to the soil, climate and moisture. It will begin to bear fruit after about four to five years.
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Fruiting Plums Tree