Fruiting Peach Trees 3-5 Feet

Fruiting Peach Trees 3-5 Feet

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Fruiting Peach Trees - Size Ranges From 3-5 feet in height


The Advantages Of Planting Peach Trees

Not all fruiting trees can double as ornamentals, but Fruiting Peach Treeaccomplish both feats exceptionally. Their March blossoms are real show-stoppers with a range of colors from light pink to red. The tree itself ranges in height from 6-foot dwarves to 30-foot full-size specimens and presents a rounded silhouette. With the flowering out of the way, peach trees display elongated glossy green leaves with a lance-like shape. Summer brings the natural blushing fruits that ripen in July and August once trees are three or four years old.

With a growing range of zones 5 through 8, peaches handle temperatures as low as 20 below zero. They can tolerate somewhat colder or hotter locations, but fruit production isn’t as reliable since freezing temperatures destroy flower buds while warm climates don’t provide the necessary cooling period, vernalization, that stimulates flower production. Peach trees enjoy moderately fertile soils that can be a bit on the sandy side with average moisture levels and full sunlight. With growth rates of about 2 feet per year, it won’t take them long to add beauty to the landscape.

Favored varieties like Red Haven gain their popularity from the tangy sweet flavor of their yellow-fleshed fruits. Requiring about 850 hours of vernalization, this array is self-pollinating as are all other varieties, so even a single accent specimen strewn with pink flowers in the garden will deliver luscious treats. Early Elberta lives up to its name by ripening in early July with fruit similar in taste to the Red Haven. Just 750 hours of vernalization brings deep purplish-pink blossoms in spring. The Bell of Georgia or Belle of Georgia distinguishes itself by offering white-fleshed fruits that are less tangy and more sugary. The variety begins spring with bright pink to red blossoms that lead to ripe fruit in late August. Like other varieties, it’s self-pollinating but is more prolific with two or more companions.

Fruiting Peach Tree