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Driftwood - Art & Beauty In Landscaping

Driftwood makes the perfect addition to any outdoor landscape. It adds rustic charm and can be used as a planter. Plus it can become a home for local wildlife. Driftwood is also a vital element in many terrarium and aquarium designs.

Because driftwood was once part of a living tree, every single piece is utterly unique. When you choose a piece of driftwood, it’s like commissioning a bespoke piece of art from a gifted creator — what you get will be a beautiful focal point that no one else will ever be able to copy.

If you’re looking for something extraordinary for your garden, terrarium, or aquarium project, driftwood could be precisely what you’re after.

Benefits of driftwood in landscape design
When used in outdoor landscaping applications, driftwood:

looks fantastic
makes a unique planter
is a more natural way of introducing hard-landscaping features
can provide a home for beneficial insects and local wildlife
is entirely natural (it won’t add harmful chemicals or synthetic materials)
is one of a kind — your landscape design will be truly unique
Benefits of driftwood in terrariums and aquariums
Many people opt for artificial elements in their terrariums and aquariums. But there are so many benefits to using driftwood instead:

Driftwood is entirely natural thus prevents your terrarium or aquarium from looking artificial
The plants you’re most likely to select for your terrarium prefer to grow on or near wood rather than plastic
Plastic aquarium decorations can leach chemicals into the aquarium water over time — wood is completely natural
Driftwood is genuinely unique so no one else can create a terrarium or aquarium that will look exactly like yours
Driftwood is beautiful
Pro tip:

Be wary of collecting driftwood yourself. If you’re not experienced with the process of selecting suitable wood, you could end up accidentally introducing pests into your garden or home.