Day-Lily Plant

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Hardy Zones 4-8, Sun or shade- Sun, Soil- Most Types- Ease- Beginner

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Day-Lily Plants, The Belle Of The Ball In Flower Gardens

The yellow Day-Lily Plant that you are planting in your lawn is the yellow version of the daylilies you already planted that we're this nice soft white. You also need to remember that you have a chance to bring in many colors because yellow is just one of the many colors that you can pick out for this plant. Imagine what you can do with yellow because they will kind of look like sunflowers.

Day-Lily Plant can flood your garden with a lot of colors, and you will make it so easy for people to have in the garden that you will not even believe it. You also have to be sure that you have checked on the daylilies that you already have because you can mix in the white and red with this beautiful yellow plant. This is by far the most vibrant color that you can get, and you will find out pretty fast that you can get something that will match up with the color scheme you already picked out for the garden. You also have to remember that you have a lot of options regarding size because some are going to be larger than others.

Day-Lily Plant place in a pot almost like a bouquet, or you can get something that reminds you of what you were used to in your mother's garden back at home. The yellow color will be great if it is already your favorite color, and you will be pleased because you have chosen flowers that will be the best representation fo your sunny disposition. Choose these flowers for the person you love who loves yellow, and you will be able to pick them and bring them inside just because that is a fun way to surprise someone you like.

Orange Daylily

Orange Daylilies are well-known for their vibrant, orange blooms that you can sometimes see growing along roadsides around the country. It is an extremely hardy, adaptable perennial that does well in most any type of soil, whether in the sun or shady gardens. They will grow around 48” tall and up to 20-24” wide, so when planted, they need their space to reproduce. Butterflies and hummingbirds love them. However, they require little to no maintenance. Besides its sizeable orange trumpet of color, it also has long slender leaves and works wonderfully in adding texture and color to a flower bed, borders or natural area.

Red Day-Lilies

Red Daylily

The red daylily is a sensational vivid red and breathtaking. The blossoms are accented with a deep plum color and have a lovely golden center. The edges have a frilled appearance, and the pedals feel like the most beautiful velvet. The throat of the flower is summer green and stands out among the flowers. The red daylily's flowers grow to a nice size and were made to add color and style to your garden. They bloom for several months and are extremely easy to care for. They will provide beautiful blooms in the brightest sun or the deepest shade. The red daylily has a prolific flowering ability and makes any garden a showcase.

Day-Lily Plant

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