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Bracken Fern

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Bracken Fern



March April


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Bracken Fern Pteridiumaquilinum

Bracken Fern: Pteridiumaquilinum, most commonly called bracken fern, is a plant that grows on every continent (except Antarctica) and in almost every USDA growing zone in the United States.

Although it can grow almost anywhere, the bracken fern is native to the eastern United States.

The Gentle Appearance of Pteridiumaquilinum, Bracken Fern

The bracken fern is easily identifiable by its large triangular fronds. It can reach waist-high and grows long, plume-like stems. The fronds are triangular and display leaflets that grow in pairs.

Depending on the climate in your zone or area, the fronds generally emerge from March until early May; once the fronds open for the season, they stay green for a long growing season.

While they typically grow to a maximum height of four feet, the tallest bracken fern reached approximately seven feet.

The leaf color varies from a softer, lighter shade of green to a dark green hue, depending on the soil. The stems are slightly darker than the leafy matter, creating a lovely tonal impact.

Bracken Fern Is a Remarkably Robust Plant

The common bracken fern grows on any soil, even sandy or rocky, and can survive for years. It is a perennial that reemerges each year with astonishing consistency--even after forest fires, floods, or other disasters.

As the fern grows, it forms a dense, deep root network, which helps it reproduce throughout the remainder of the season. The deep roots make it resistant to high winds or heavy downpours.

Also, the deeply rooted bracken fern helps to eliminate soil compaction, as the roots dig deep below the surface, not just in short side-to-side clumps like some other fern species.

How to Use Bracken Fern in Your Landscape

Bracken fern is a highly prized plant for the most rugged terrain.

● You can replace the grass on a sloped or steep hill--it will eventually fill in and eliminate the need for mowing.

● Put bracken fern in areas where you'd like to prevent wind erosion of your soil. It spreads faster than some ferns and provides plant coverage within a season.

● Put bracken ferns in your shade garden or water garden.

● Grow bracken ferns in densely wooded areas to add some greenery.

Bracken fern will grow in almost any shaded or partially shaded location you can think of.

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