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Sheet Moss

Sheet Moss

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Under 6 Inches



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Shade Gardens

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Sheet Moss - Hypnum spp.

Sheet Moss is a versatile and valuable addition to landscaping projects, offering many benefits beyond its traditional uses in herbalism. This low-growing, lush moss is appreciated for its unique qualities that contribute to outdoor spaces' aesthetic and functional aspects.

Sheet Moss is an excellent choice for enhancing the visual impact of pathways, rock gardens, and stepping stones.

One of the primary advantages of using it in landscaping is its ability to create a soft, carpet-like ground cover. It can transform bare soil, stone, or wood patches into visually appealing and textured areas when placed strategically.

It helps moisture retention and erosion control. Its dense and intricate growth structure helps reduce the risk of soil erosion. Acting as a natural barrier can help prevent soil loss due to water runoff and wind exposure, making it especially beneficial for slopes and areas prone to erosion.

In addition to its benefits, it adds a touch of tranquility and visual interest to various landscaping settings. Its lush green color and delicate texture create a soothing atmosphere, making it a perfect addition to shady corners, moss gardens, and woodland-inspired landscapes. Its adaptability to various light conditions, including shaded areas, allows creative incorporation into different design concepts.

It also serves as a natural insulator, providing a layer that helps regulate soil temperature and moisture levels. This can be particularly advantageous in extreme weather conditions, as it helps shield plants' roots from temperature fluctuations and excessive evaporation.

Furthermore, it is relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal attention once established. This ease of care makes it an attractive option for busy gardeners and landscapers. Its ability to thrive without frequent watering or pruning adds to its hassle-free ground cover option appeal.

In conclusion, the benefits of using it in landscaping are diverse and valuable. Its capacity to create appealing ground covers contributes to erosion control, enhances moisture retention, and adds aesthetic charm to various landscape settings, making it an asset for designers and gardeners seeking to create beautiful, sustainable outdoor environments.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Mary Chapman
Sheet moss

Not sure…will know next Spring, I guess…was now how I imagined, thinking it would be a sheet…was many many small pieces which I hope will take root

Cecily Shull
No return email

I wrote asking questions and never got a response. Not very good customer service if you want retinues business.

Brandon Becker
It all died within a week

Exactly what the title says. I cleared the ground, pressed it in place, and then it rained a portion of the day each day for 4 days. I continued misting it for 10 more days but it was already dead and stayed dead.

Sally Ross
Sheet Moss

My moss arrived in a timely manner and was well packed. It was a little dry when it arrived and I added some water to the bag and planted the next day, I was expected it to come in larger pieces, it sort of had to be pieced together as I planted it. Thus far it seems to growing well!

Brings brightness to a shady spot!

We’ve only just planted, but it already looks lovely. Can’t wait to see if we can get it to grow on our little rocks in the rock garden.