Chicory Plant

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Latin Name- Cichorium Intybus Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 5ft Width- 3-5ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Chicory Plant - Cichorium Intybus.

The Chicory Plant (Cichorium intybus) is a wildflower native to Europe and parts of Asia. Chicory Plant boasts eye-catching, vibrant blue flowers that are suspended on slender stems. The blooms close during the late afternoon and on cloudy days, reopening once the sun returns. This plant begins to flower during late spring and continues to bloom until early autumn. This wildflower is a perennial and will grace the garden with color year after year. It is easy to start from seed and transplants well, making it simple to add these beauties to various areas of the landscape. The chicory plant is natural to grow and thrives with very little attention once established. Maintaining evenly moist soil and regular weeding are essential during the first growing season until a sturdy root system has had time to develop. This flower makes an attractive addition to both rock and wildflower gardens. All parts of the plant are edible, from blooms to roots, making it an ideal choice for herb gardens. Chicory Plant is not only flavorful, but it is used in homeopathic medicine for hundreds of years. Chicory Perennial, also known as Blue Daisy, Blue Dandelion, Horseweed, and even Coffee Weed, is likewise recognized by its botanical name Chichorium incubus. Initially, from the Mediterranean, this plant quickly spread throughout the rest of the world. This plant usually grows wild along streets, in yards, fields, and pastures. It does well in almost any soil. There is hardly any care to keep this plant. They do need some pruning in the Summer. June through September is when this plant blooms rosette leaves that later turn to little sky blue blooms. The blossoms will open in the morning and close in the evening. The greens from this plant are often sold in Italy to be cooked. Chicory Plant

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