Chestnut Oak Trees

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Latin Name- Quercus Montana Hardy Planting Zone-7-10 Mature Height- 60-70 ft Width- 60-70 Sun or Shade- Full Sun


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Chestnut Oak Tree - Quercus Prinus.

Chestnut Oak Tree is a hardy tree and also known as Tree Quercus Prinus. Chestnut Oak Tree can even have a large canopy spread. Chestnut Oak Tree prefers soils that are silt or clay in their makeup and will appreciate a full sunlight environment. It is slow growing and may only grow a foot or two each year, so be patient with this one. It will produce acorns that your local wildlife will find tasty and will bring them to your landscape. Chestnut oak trees are known as some of the most eminent trees of North America. Because of their tolerance for rocky ground, they inhabit the ridgetops and mountain peaks of nearly every forest from Maine to Mississippi. Their beautiful clusters of leaves and thick grey bark make them an unmistakable sight. They provide plentiful shade in the summer, their colors are rich and brilliant in autumn, and you will know the end of winter is near when the chestnut brown buds begin to sprout at the ends of the branches. Chestnut maples will reach a height of approximately 15 feet after only ten years, and from that point, they will begin to spread their full, beautiful branches. Chestnut oak leaves provide a dense canopy suitable for nurturing all sorts of helpful insects and animals. Their acorns are an important source of food for wildlife, although they are not edible to human beings. Chestnut oaks are not chestnut trees. They are members of the oak family, which means that they have high resistance to disease and other problems that affect chestnut trees. Oaks are some of the strongest, hardiest trees out there. If the tree is cared for properly and allowed to live out its natural lifespan, then the wood has the potential to be quite valuable. Chestnut Oak Trees


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