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Year-Round Beauty: The White Dogwood Tree for Your Garden

White Dogwood Tree

The breathtaking white dogwood tree (Cornus Florida) is an attractive yard addition with a year-round curbside appeal. This dazzling plant reveals something different with every season. They sprout white flowers in the spring, green leaves in the summer, crimson berries in the fall, and white bark in winter. The leaves also take on a glowing, red-purple hue in the fall.

The branches on the white dogwood tree take on an umbrella-like shape as they grow. The mature height ranges from 15 to 25 ft., and the mature width is about 20 to 25 ft. The tree is low maintenance and will excel in any soil type. As long as it has either partial or complete sunlight and a moderate amount of water, it will thrive. They grow in hardiness zones 5-9. Dogwoods don't grow exceptionally fast, so don't expect more than 1 to 2 feet of growth yearly. The lifespan of these trees is about 80 years.

The White Dogwood Tree looks great in any Perennial Garden . It can share the same space with small vegetables. The colorful berries and foliage attract a wide array of wildlife. Several birds use the white dogwood tree for nesting purposes. Mice, cardinals, and other bird species will eat the red berries. Bees use the nectar during the springtime. The white dogwood is also a host plant for moths and butterflies.

White Dogwoods don't need pruning but cut them off if you see any dead or diseased branches. The same goes for fertilization. The white dogwood is a no-fuss plant and needs very little to help it grow. But if you feel the need to fertilize it, do so sparingly. Too much fertilizer can harm the tree.

Some individuals buy white dogwood trees purely for aesthetic purposes. If you plant several trees, they should be spaced at least 12 feet apart. Liberally water the planting hole and pull out any opportunistic weeds like turfgrass.

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