TN Nursery Sells Plants To the Birmingham Zoo

Everyone needs to do their part to protect the environment. Now, Tennessee Nursery is doing precisely that. As one of the most extensive wholesale nurseries in the country, Tennessee Wholesale Nursery has been focused on reaching out to other organizations, stressing the importance of protecting the environment and using eco-friendly practices. With this in mind,  TN Nursery has gotten the attention of some of the most prominent zoos in the country, including Birmingham Zoo. Birmingham Zoo is purchasing its plants from Tennessee Nursery to spread the word about the importance of protecting the environment and building a green future.

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TN Nursery Provides a Tremendous Selection of Plants

Tennessee Nursery has been in business for more than 80 years. What started as a relatively small operation has ballooned into one of the largest wholesale nurseries in the world. Even though this nursery has increased, no operation is too big or small. Many individuals and families have purchased trees, plants, and flowers from this nursery to meet their needs. Of course, there are lots of wholesale opportunities, which is why many businesses have purchased their plants from the experts at Tennessee Nursery. Sadly, there are a lot of changes happening in the climate that are harming the environment. TN nursery has taken it upon itself to try to stem the tide.

A Focus on Eco-Friendly Gardening from Tennessee Nursery

Everyone must focus on eco-friendly gardening. As an authority in the field, Tennessee Nursery has been trying to teach people how to garden in an eco-friendly manner. A few of the essential strategies TN Nursery stresses include:

  • Recycle and Reuse Materials: There are a lot of materials that go into building a new landscape. Whether a residential or commercial landscape, it is essential for everyone to recycle and reuse materials. It is an essential part of reducing carbon footprints.
  • Build Character with Eco-Friendly Materials: Even though many people like to use materials such as cement, plenty of organic, eco-friendly materials can add character to a landscape. Examples of eco-friendly materials include table, rammed Earth, oak, woven willow, and chestnut.
  • Conserve Water: Finally, everyone has to make sure they conserve water. Water is one of the most valuable resources, and people do not need to drown their trees, shrubs, and plants to get them to grow. Consider using oak barrels or plastic tubs to collect rainwater. Then, use this to keep the garden healthy.

These are just a few essential tips everyone should remember when building an eco-friendly garden. There are many organizations, including Birmingham Zoo, that have partnered with TN Nursery for their plants.

New Exhibits at Birmingham Zoo

Birmingham Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the reason. Opening more than 75 years ago in Birmingham, Alabama, the zoo is accredited by numerous animal-friendly organizations. Unfortunately, there are a lot of animal species that are being threatened by climate change as well. That is why the Birmingham Zoo has partnered with Tennessee Nursery, a green organization, to make sure they draw attention to the growing specter of climate change. With numerous attractive exhibits, including gorillas and lions, the zoo is expanding quickly. The Birmingham Zoo needs plants to beautify the landscape, which is why it has worked for the experts at Tennessee Nursery.

The Advantages of Working with TN Nursery

There are several advantages of partnering with TN Nursery. These include:

  • Experience: The experts at Tennessee Nursery have an unparalleled level of experience. It shines when residential and commercial customers need help picking the right plants.
  • Eco-Friendly: Tennessee Nursery is dedicated to protecting the environment. All growing methods place the environment first. That way, everyone who purchases plants from the Tennessee Nursery is doing their part to help the environment as well.
  • Customer Care: The customer is always placed first at TN Nursery. No question is too big or small, and experts are always available to help customers meet their needs.

If you are looking for more plants for your landscape, you should reach out to the tree experts at TN Nursery.

Plants you see in Chester Zoo's animal habitats have been used in major Hollywood films like Star Wars - Cheshire Live

Call Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Today for All of Your Gardening Needs

The Birmingham Zoo is only one of the numerous organizations partnered with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery for its landscaping needs. If you are looking for a way to create a beautiful landscape, then you should take a look at the trees, flowers, and shrubs available from Tennessee Wholesale Nursery as well. Contact us today and learn more about the selection we have available! We are confident we have something that can meet your needs!


Daffodil Plant - TN Nursery

Daffodil Plant

The Daffodil Plant is a Spring-blooming, trumpet-shaped flower characterized by its vibrant yellow or white petals and central trumpet-like corona. It adds a burst of color to gardens and landscapes. The plant's vibrant colors, from sunny yellows to pastel lemon, create striking visual displays that brighten any outdoor area. Daffodils are famous for being yellow, but there are all kinds of other colors, as well, including white, orange, and even pink. They also feature varieties with more than one of these colors. Therefore, they can form a splendid and colorful swash throughout any garden. They have adorned gardens for thousands of years. Indeed, the Greek name is Narcissus. Currently, it's the national flower of Wales. They've been harbingers of the coming of spring throughout their existence, and because they're perennials, each plant does the same for many years throughout its life cycle. They'll anchor your garden through spring and summer as long-lasting blooms, drawing people's gaze to their grace and beauty. The Blooming Trumpet The Daffodil Plant Before they bloom, the trumpet of the mature bloom is covered in a waxy shell called a spathe. The spathe is delicate and reflects the entire light spectrum when covered in morning dew. Not every daffodil forms a trumpet, however. They form two kinds of cups: charming double blooms and what's known as the jonquil, which is a beautiful two-toned bloom. Generally, there are two kinds of jonquils: one with primarily white petals and yellow accents and one that's the opposite. Such flowers that sport two exquisite colors can act as a transition between sections of the garden. The Daffodil Plant Can Reach 3 Feet Tall They can grow almost to 3 feet tall and a foot wide. Their mature leaves are tall and straight and only sag toward the end of the growing season at the beginning of August. They last more than a month through the heart of the summer, lending their multicolored cheek to any garden. Because they thrive in containers as much as in the open, they're a terrific accent for window sills, porches, patios, and decks, bringing their polychromatic cheeriness to every part of the garden and the whole property. Partners for Daffodil Plant The bright yellow of the plant pairs very well with other garden residents, including the Northern Blue Star with its deep blue and indigo blooms and the vibrant red of roses or dahlias. The color palette is nearly endless when considering them fresh, with fabulous flexibility.

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