The Benefits of Native Grasses in Landscaping

The Benefit of Native Grasses

When you head to the store and buy a bag of grass seed, you won't always know what you're getting. Kentucky bluegrass is commonly included in these bags, but beautiful bluegrass won't grow in all climates and won't suit all purposes. Native grasses are fast-growing and ideal for erosion control. When mixed in with wildflowers, native grasses are perfect for large fields and other areas.

Grass plants that are native to your area are those varieties that are well adapted to the region. They will grow well in the type of soil local to your area, be resistant to the native insects, and thrive in the weather you naturally get. Native grasses may cost a little more to purchase in some regions, but they will reward you richly with grass that suits your purposes without requiring extra maintenance. Pampas Grass is a very versatile native grass

Grama Grass

Grass plants like Grama Grass are native to the Great Plains and can survive through long periods of drought. The fine texture makes it an excellent grass for lawns. Mixed with Buffalo grass, it's an ideal choice for a ground cover. Indian Grass will grow three to five feet tall and is an excellent choice for erosion control or livestock fields. Whether you want special Grass to serve as a border, fill in new fields, or for the lawn in your suburban lot, consider the benefit of grass species uniquely suited to your particular climate. Drought resistant and able to withstand the freezing temperatures of winter and the hot days of summer, these grasses will grow without the extra work required of other species. Look for a premier online nursery for the best prices. Running Bamboo is a fast growing grass.

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6 Pack - Pampas Grass Plugs - TN Nursery

6 Pack - Pampas Grass Plugs

Pampas Grass is a famous ornamental sedge known for its stunning appearance and versatility in landscaping. When planted as plugs, these young plants bring a range of attributes that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of any landscape. We will explore the essential qualities of these plants and their benefits in landscaping. While pampas grass is native to South America, its appeal has made it a popular addition to yards worldwide. Fast-growing plants are a type of perennial that continues to offer notable benefits and properties over its long lifespan. Why should you consider planting it on your property? It is also known as Cortaderia selloana, an ornamental plant with distinctive, appealing aesthetics. The plugs increase and can reach a height of 12 feet. The vibrant hue of the lush, green stalks is brought to life with the wispy blooms at the top of the plant. The flowering stems may be a foot or more taller than the blades, creating a stunning, dual-tone look. At the end of the growing season, the cut stalks can be used as a decorative element in the home. Pampas Grass Has Stunning Soft Blooms Despite the plant's grand height and dense, bushy base, it has a soft look thanks to its mesmerizing flowers. The flower stalks vary between shades of white, silver, and yellow. From afar, they have an almost fluffy look that will add a unique visual element to your space. These flowers may conceal a fenced perimeter for a more natural look in your yard, or they may create a natural barrier around the perimeter of a property. Pampas Grass Has Protective Qualities While many people plant it for its beauty, it also has practical benefits. In some areas, it has been used to minimize erosion. Because of this, it may be incredibly functional in yards with a steep grade or prone to the damaging effects of erosion. Pampas Grass Makes A Superior Ground Cover Pampas Grass is easy to grow and spreads rapidly compared to some other types of plants. These plugs deserve serious consideration in areas that are relatively bare in a yard or lack a distinguishing feature as a point of interest. They can cover horizontal space and fill out for an established look quickly.

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Running Bamboo - TN Nursery

Bamboo Plant

Running Bamboo is a versatile and fast-growing species that offers many benefits when incorporated into landscaping projects. Its unique characteristics and practical attributes make it popular for enhancing outdoor spaces with aesthetic and functional advantages. It is a shrub that will grow outwards almost as quickly as upwards. Although primarily an ornamental species, it does serve several purposes within a given landscape. Let's take a closer look at what this Bamboo Plant looks like and why you'll want to have it on your property. The Physical Attributes of Bamboo Plant It typically has a golden stalk from which a series of green leaves will shoot out. The trees that you see will shoot from stalks that grow horizontally along the ground, which is why they are referred to as runners. You can see several inches or feet of vertical growth per season, much of which occurs in spring or early summer. It can also grow horizontally up to 10 feet in a single season. This may be fine with neighbors or local authorities if you are in a rural area. However, if you live in a typical neighborhood, consider adding a barrier to prevent runaway growth. What Is Bamboo Plant Used For This type of shrub can be used for a variety of purposes, such as adding some color to a garden or edging your garden, driveway, or other landscape components. You can also use it as a privacy screen or to help dampen noise coming from a neighbor's house, highway, or other sources. It can also help reclaim or revitalize a landscape after a weather event or years of neglect. Be Sustainable With Bamboo Plant Creatures such as rabbits or guinea pigs can use the shoots of this Bamboo Plant for nourishment. However, you probably won't see deer, rodents, or other creatures that typically exist in a suburban setting flocking to your tree, which may help to ensure its long-term survival.

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