Marsh Hibiscus (Hibiscus Grandiflorus)

Do you want a beautiful flower that you can add to your landscape? If so, then look at the Marsh Hibiscus Plant. Also called Hibiscus Grandiflorus, this plant is renowned for its gorgeous flowers, stately appearance, and ability to grow well under various environmental conditions. Its unique color blend allows it to blend in with your other flowers, plants, and shrubs beautifully. At Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, we are pleased to provide this beautiful plant. Learn more about this pretty flower below!

What Does the Marsh Hibiscus Plant Look Like?

The Hibiscus Grandiflorus is a pink flower that emerges from a green stem that grows about one foot off the ground. Five pink petals accompany this rose flower when it begins to bloom. The flower has a dark pink or purple center at its core. The Hibiscus Grandiflorus also has small seed pots that feel velvety. In the wild, these flowers can reach several feet in height.

Where Does the Marsh Hibiscus Plant Grow?

It is a popular plant because it grows well under numerous environmental conditions. It grows in the wild all up and down the eastern seaboard. It can grow as far north as the Carolinas and Virginias; however, as the name suggests, this plant grows well around marshes and other wet or open areas. Therefore, it is commonly found in Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. While this plant likes moist conditions, it can grow well in drier conditions. The flower also likes sunlight; however, it will increase in the shade. Because the flower is easy to take care of, it has become a popular addition to numerous home and office landscapes. It is a perennial flower that will bloom throughout the entire year. This marsh plant will bloom in some parts of the country in March. In other areas, this flower might bloom in June.

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