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Golden Poppy (Eschscholzia californica)


The Golden Poppy is the California state flower with its magnificent yellowish-orange flower petals and gorgeous blooms, these flowers definitely light up any yard or roadside.

The Golden Poppy blooms from February to September which gives you a long time to enjoy their magnificent glory.

The Golden Poppy is considered an annual as well as a perennial which is unlike any other flower. 

It grows well in undisturbed areas, usually considered along roadsides and rural areas with no traffic or high wildlife movement. It is drought tolerant, easy seeding, and grows well in flower beds as well. The Native Americans have used California Poppy leaves, the seeds have been used in cooking, and the oil has been used in cosmetics. The Golden Poppy has many other uses besides just looking pretty and being attractive. For many years, if the poppy plant extract was smoked, it was considered a mild sedative.

Most plants and flowers are just used for ornamental decoration but not the Golden Poppy; it has many other uses other than looking pretty, from sedatives to making foods taste good; the poppy is a universal plant to have around.

The Golden Poppy has been introduced to many different nations and countries other than just the United States. Chile, Argentina, and many other countries now have different types of Golden Poppy growing in their soil.

After all, who can resist the effervescent glow and radiance of the orange-yellowish poppy blooms?

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