Basil: A Wonder Herb and its myriad of benefits

Herb gardens work in any landscape. No doubt that basil is a happy inhabitant of your garden.

It is a favorite herb to grow to make the flavor and color stand out. Many Italian recipes call for the addition of this herb!

It was first recorded in writing in the early seventeenth century, and the Hindu culture is sacred and believed to be desired by the gods they worship. In a variety of different regions, many also consider it to be a symbol of love in couples. They can grow medium height and have beautiful light green foliage that appears to crease. It is native to Africa. Please note that you cannot grow or plant this herb until all the frost for the year has occurred. They are not very tolerant of colder environments. They prefer a moist soil area.

They love the sun and will grow very well in any area of your garden that has this but is very sensitive to windy areas. You can even plant this every couple of weeks to ensure the leaves will be at their top flavor for your cooking needs. It will also produce tiny white blooms that you can trim off the plant’s leaves to lose their flavorful taste. This herb has been used in a wide variety of dishes, including tomato sauce and pesto recipes. Planting tomatoes with this herb is also an excellent idea for a companion plant as they grow well together and taste amazing when combined with a recipe. Try planting basil in your herb garden and start transforming ordinary dishes into something fabulous!

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