NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

The Benefits of Planting Privacy Hedges

Living fences offer several benefits and add value to an existing property. Privacy hedges have several uses and can complement various landscapes, offer privacy, work as a windbreak and a sound barrier. Tammy Sons of Tn Nursery, one of the leading hedge companies providing trees to everyone in all states, says privacy hedges and shrubs are top sellers in their nurseries.

Steps for Choosing Hedges

Map the Area: Take a detailed look at the area you wish to plant your living fence. Outline the actual length, width, and height of this area. Fence height can be determined by variable factors, such as existing electrical lines, telephone poles, and the desired screening potentials. Property lines and available space can determine the width.

Explore Hedge Options: Decide what your base desire for a living fence will be by the types of shrubs, hedges, or trees you wish to use. Flowering shrubs and trees provide a colorful display in the spring, summer, and fall but will not offer yearlong privacy; they will lose their leaves during the winter months. Evergreen trees and shrubs will maintain an annual screen and be chosen by varied growing heights and widths. Some hedges will provide a complete privacy screen and grow to several feet tall, while others can be maintained at variable heights. Hedges will also need various nutrients and growing conditions. It is best to identify what your growing zone is, considering the shrubs or trees you desire.

Outline a Planting Guide: Once you have chosen the proper hedge or tree for your living fence, it is wise to measure and mark the area. For Example, once you have chosen the measured area, you can mark where each shrub will be placed with bright spray paint. That will allow you to keep the line of the shrubs true and a better idea of exactly how many shrubs to purchase.

Privacy hedges do make great living fences, and the varieties of shrubs, hedges, trees, and bushes available can make your fence genuinely unique. Living fences complement the landscape, provide privacy, and provide a natural element, providing a green living environment.