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Yellow Coneflower Echinacea paradoxa


Yellow Coneflower: The yellow coneflower, Echinacea paradoxa,

is a striking yellow flower reminiscent of daisies. The vibrant perennial flower is a gardener's favorite--a classic addition that adds charm to any garden.


This American native wildflower species originated in the midwest, but today, gardeners around the country enjoy it.


The Bright, Sunny Yellow Coneflower 


Originally a wildflower, gardeners covet the yellow coneflower its cheerful, sunny appearance, blooming from mid-summer to fall (depending on your zone).


Coneflowers grow from small, compact clumps. The flowers grow on tall, unbranched, elegant stems reaching a mature height between two and three feet tall. The leaves are strap-shaped, and the stem leaves are short and lack stalks.


The sunshine yellow flowers surround a spiny center and can grow about two to three inches wide. Its glorious petals have a slightly notched top. 


Yellow coneflower serves a vital role in the ecosystem. When the flower seeds mature in the head of the flower, you will see birds flock to enjoy the harvest; the bright blossoms also attract native bees and butterflies.


Yellow Coneflower planting instructions


Yellow coneflower is a hardy species that requires only watering, weeding, and occasional fertilizing.


Echinacea paradoxa needs a full-sun location to put on the best show of color. Use it at the back or a sun garden border, or plant it as a stand-alone specimen. Either way, it will steal the show!


The Long Taproot of Echinacea paradoxa Can Improve Your Garden.


Aside from its inherent beauty, the yellow coneflower acts as a helper that can improve your soil quality. 


Echinacea paradoxa establishes a long, sturdy taproot. As it burrows into the earth, it disturbs and breaks the soil. This activity can alleviate soil compaction.


That's an essential function because soil compaction causes fast runoff of water and the nutrients your garden needs. Anything that decreases packed soil will make your plants healthier, as they will absorb the things they need for survival more efficiently.


Think of the taproot of your yellow coneflower as a tiny tiller, making your garden healthier while showing off the most vibrant yellow color you can imagine.


Yellow Coneflower is available to purchase at TN Nursery


Order yellow coneflower for your garden; you will improve the ecosystem and soil quality, and enjoy a bright, cheerful color. 

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    Yellow Coneflowers

    Posted by Nancy Smith-Jones on Jul 05, 2022

    As always with your company, shipping was prompt, packaging was great. The plants, however, are so small and delicate, I wonder if they will survive. Had to put huge stakes around each just to see where they are planted. Hope they make it.

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