Willow Oak Tree

Willow Oak Tree

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Willow Oak Tree Quercus phellos


Willow Oak Tree: Quercus phellos, or the willow oak tree, is one of the most sought-after trees among TN Nursery customers. This oak species is a North American native species originating in the southeastern region.


People adore this true for its voluminous shade and stately height. They also love the ever-evolving, colorful foliage it shows throughout the growing season. The leaves emerge light green in the spring and deepen to a true glossy green in the summer. Later in the year, they give way to amber and rust in the fall.


The willow oak tree likes a warmer climate and full sunshine. It grows best in moist, woody soil that drains well. However, it can tolerate short periods of drought.


The Graceful and Stately Appearance of the Willow Oak Tree


The willow oak tree grows as high as a hundred feet at maturity, although most top out at around seventy feet tall. The canopy's spread can be almost forty feet wide, providing ample shade in time.


Its crown forms a lovely, domed top. While growing, the tree has smooth red-brown bark; as the tree ages, the bark darkens in hue and develops small ridges and furrows.


The tree develops gray-brown, slender branches and larger twigs that support the leafy canopy. Leaves grow in an alternate pattern as big as five inches long and an inch across. They are narrow, glossy, and have wavy edges.


The willow oak develops half-inch or larger, pleasantly round acorns with a textured, saucer-like cap. The acorns drop from the tree in the autumn each year.


Order Your Willow Oak Tree From TN Nursery Today


Plant a willow oak tree to shade your yard, create a focal point in a natural area, or define a property boundary. This specimen tree, Quercus phellos, is a customer favorite--please order your willow oak tree from TN Nursery today.

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    Very satisfied.

    Posted by Westin Markus on Jan 06, 2022

    I planted this and it’s growing so fast!

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