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Wildflower Plants For Sale - Plants for Beginning or Novice Gardeners from Tn Nursery

As you walk through a garden and look at all the beautiful flowers basking in the sun, you might be wondering if you can grow them at home in your garden. You may be surprised how simple many common wildflowers are to grow!


Wildflowers come in a Variety of Colors and Sizes for all your Landscaping Beautification Projects  

Bane-berry Plant is an easy wildflower plant to grow


Bane berry Plants grow wild in North America and are found in many parks. They are available in two varieties, red and white.


Plant your seeds outdoors in late autumn or indoors during the winter. These plants can grow to a large size, and as such, require sufficient space to reach their mature height of approximately twelve-thirty inches. They prefer to reside in shaded areas with moist soil, and their roots should be covered with mulch.


While they are aesthetically pleasing, they are not edible. Their appearance can attract children, so always supervise gardeners of the future around these plants.



Day-lily Plants are beautiful wildflowers


If your garden does not always grow successfully, try planting Daylily Plants. These flowers can live in a variety of climates and soils. Ideal for landscaping and walkways, these flowers discourage weeds from growing, making your garden lower maintenance.


If your garden is located in North America, you may plant your flowers anytime from the spring to the fall. If you live in a Northern state, be sure to plant your flowers in the spring; this gives them the summer to establish themselves and prepare for winter.


Daylilies need to be planted in a location considered the full sun, which gives the flowers approximately six hours of sunlight daily. When first planted, they require compost to be mixed in their soil, and after that do not need other fertilizers. Make sure your flowers have soil that is moist but drains well.


These forgiving flowers can survive for years, greeting you every spring.



Iris Plants


Iris Plants are available in a variety of sizes and colors, which combined with their hardiness, makes at least one variety of these flowers an ideal addition to any garden.


Plant your irises in late summer or early fall. Iris bulbs should be planted ten-twelve inches deep in the soil. These flowers prefer low-nitrogen fertilizer to be applied approximately one month before they bloom. Irises flourish in locations where they will receive lots of suns, and their roots will not be subject to standing water.


Once irises have made themselves at home in your garden, their watering requirements are low. Occasionally trimming back their stalks after they have flowered will keep them healthy.


If you are gardening on a patio, irises are an excellent choice, as they do well in raised garden beds.



Soloman Seal Plants


Soloman Seal Plants are perfect for gardeners who love fairytale woodland gardens. These flowers thrive in natural shaded gardens in the woods and add a refined yet whimsical style to the gardens they grow in.


Most of the varieties of the Soloman Seal grow to be approximately one-two feet tall. There is also a large variety that grows to almost five feet tall. These flowers offer lovely white blooms in the summer that turn a beautiful golden color in the fall.


Soloman Seal prefers to live in shaded gardens and can only tolerate sun if they are planted in a cold climate and their soil is kept moist.


Plant these flowers about three inches apart and about two inches deep. They prefer to be planted in damp areas, and after they are established in your garden, they can tolerate droughts if they are watered regularly.


Once they have bloomed, these enchanting flowers require nearly no maintenance. Gardner's do not have to deadhead these plants; they do this on their own naturally.


If your thumb is not always green, Solomon Seal would be an excellent flower to begin your garden with; they do best when allowed to grow as naturally as possible.



Even if your thumb is not always green, there are flowers out there for your garden. These four varieties of wildflowers are easy to grow, aesthetically pleasing, and require little to no maintenance. Take the first step to building your dream garden by ordering seeds and supplies today. May your garden be green this year!

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