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When landscaping your ideal outdoor space, ground cover plants offer an essential way to spruce up your environment. More so, they are cost-effective to modern alternatives and can significantly enhance the beauty within an area. Here, we discuss several benefits of ground cover plants for all your landscaping purposes.


1. Environmentally Friendly


Keeping your lawn well-manicured and kempt requires some dedication, specialized tools, and equipment. Lawnmowers and chemicals such as pesticides can cause significant damage to your terrain. Furthermore, people and animals are susceptible to ingesting the chemicals used in these pesticides, proving hazardous.


Ground cover plants make landscaping a safe and environmentally friendly process as they alleviate the use of chemicals and heavy machinery, contributing to increased carbon emissions. This, in turn, creates a more pleasant, carbon-free environment for all to dwell.


2. Adds Color and Texture to the Landscape


Like most natural plants, ground cover plants come in a variety of colors and patterns. From violets, creeping phlox, bungle weed, and more. Each plant possesses a rare texture that can enhance your land's layout and feel.


What makes them a unique alternative is their ability to retain colors and physical state for a much longer duration than regular plants. They do not shift colors as often when the seasons change and can withstand the severe climate. They can help keep the tonality of your garden, residential, or commercial area constant.


3. Visually Appealing


Cover-up plants are an ideal way to improve your home or property's outward appearance. These plants and flowers have many intricate colors and floral patterns that can significantly enhance an area.


More so, they provide immediate decor since you don't need to resort to purchasing saplings; instead, you can buy ready-grown cover plants and place them on your property.


4. Covers Up Patches


Once planted, ground cover plants can fill any gaps or regions where bare grass could not grow. More so, they can entirely cover up areas where there is insufficient sunlight or the ground slopes.


This makes landscaping much more comfortable as you will not have to invest in an assortment of different flowers or fertilizers to cover up bare ground. Furthermore, ground cover plants can be used to Landscape hot areas where grass has problems growing.


5. Prevents Weeds from Growing


A unique aspect of ground cover plants is that they can help mitigate the growth of weeds. They naturally eradicate them by choking out their nutrients and sunlight, thus inhibiting them from germinating.


Furthermore, they help protect other flowers and plants from insects, poor weather, and harsh climate by providing a canopy against such extremities. The roofing they provide acts as an irrigating system that prevents water from evaporating; therefore, keeping surrounding plants watered.


6. Makes Mowing Much Easier


You may want to mow down a stained area, but it can be inaccessible to your mower. Ground cover garden package of plants can grow in tight spots, making it ideal for planting in areas where your mower cannot reach.


This simplifies your landscaping woes since low covering plants such as blue rug junipers and carpet grass can be planted to make your landscape look uniform.


7. Saves Money


Tending to your yard requires quite a sum of money. Things such as gas, water, lawnmowers, and herbicide significantly increase the cost of maintenance. However, ground cover plants are easy to maintain and do not require expensive equipment.


Furthermore, ground cover plants offer ample protection against soil erosion as they boast strong retention properties, which allow them to grasp well on soil, walls, and inclined terrain.


In Summary


Ground cover plants are an important way to beautify and reinvigorate your Landscape naturally. They offer various intricate colors and flowers to choose from, boasting many benefits to your garden needs.

Planting and gardening specific to your zone are essential to ensuring a healthy, hearty landscape. This is why at Tn Nursery, you can choose ground covers perfect for your planting zone. When you know what planting zone you reside in, you can select that zone and then select from a wide array of different ground covers that individually thrive based on your area.

A planting zone impacts a plant's ability to do well in a geographic area, so it is essential to understand what a "planting zone" is.

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What Are Planting Zones

Planting zones help gardeners and landscapers determine which plants are most likely to thrive in particular locations. Knowing what your planting zone will help you find the plants that will do best depending on where in the country you are located. If you are explicitly looking for plants that are going to do well in the particular area that you live in, then it will benefit you to know that at Tn Nursery, you can choose ground covers perfect for your planting zone.


Planting Zone Considerations

Many different climate and temperature considerations go into a plant's potential ability to thrive in a specific area, such as its ability to tolerate heat or freeze relative to the average temperature, highs, and lows in the area.

Planting zones are primarily based on the "average annual extreme minimum temperature" over a 30-year look-back period. Planting hardiness zones consider other environmental factors such as light, soil moisture, temperature, duration of exposure to cold, and humidity.

When you are ready to start choosing ground covers and other plants for your landscape, make sure that you consider your planting zone and whether the specific plants you are thinking of will thrive in your area. Because at Tn Nursery, you can choose ground covers perfect for your planting zone, there should be no question about which plants will do exceptionally well in your area and are better suited for other hardiness zones.

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