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Friday, February 11

Is your yard missing something? If your yard reminds you of a dull, dingy and boring place, you can add a splash of color to the Legacy Sugar Maple.

The Legacy Sugar Maple is a deciduous tree which is native to Missouri. This tree can reach maximum heights of up to 80 feet tall. The Legacy Sugar Maple can reach heights of up to 100 feet in places that it thrives the most. The Sugar Maple is known for its dense round crown which sets high on top of the trunk and which provides you quite a show in the fall. Around the east coast, people will migrate by the hundreds just to catch a glimpse of the marvelous sugar maple.

The sugar maple when in full bloom will turn a bright, royal red with crisp orange and yellow leaves come fall time which makes for a spectacular sight.

The Sugar Maple has leaves which are approximately 3-6 inches wide. These trees have been used since the early Native Americans who first discovered the tapping of these trees to get maple from them which can be used as syrup, jams and jelly and many other food products. As well as being a good food source the Legacy Sugar Maple also makes for a great shade tree.

Not everyone who has a Legacy Sugar Maple growing in their yard will use them as a food source to get syrup from them but just as a great piece to look at as well as a source for shade. The Legacy Sugar Maple is a great tree to have because they require little maintenance and thrive well in many types of climates and soils.

The Legacy Sugar Maple can often be found growing in many parks, in the mountains and even lining driveways around the home. They can be purchased from online mail order catalogs, online or at local tree nurseries. The Legacy Sugar Maple is a great tree to invest in because you will gain many years out of it.

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