Terrarium Garden Kit - 6 Live Plants, Live Moss , Soil - Just Add Critters & Moss!

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Plants chose in this collection will be hardy for your growing zone.

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

Terrarium Garden Kit

Succulents, Ornamental Plants That Thrive In Arid Conditions
Succulent plants are plants that are known to have parts that are fleshy and thick. Succulents are known for their ability to retain water in climates and soil that are arid. Succulent comes from the Latin word sulcus which means sap or juice. Different structures of succulents store water such as their stems or leaves. Cacti are not considered as succulents with respect to horticultural use even though botanists still consider cacti as succulents. Since succulents have such an unusually striking appearance they are often grown as an ornamental plant.

Terrarium Garden Kit, whether more significant or small, We have the stock to supply you with plants and mosses that will make your dream nature-scape within the comforts of your own home come to life with our collection of plants. If you like insects, reptiles (snakes), a beautiful nature-rific centerpiece or just frogs, this is also the perfect habitat for all your creeping and sliding critters large or small. The package of plants that comes with each collection is six evergreen low lying evergreen ground plants including six evergreen plants, perfect for your zone and all terrariums.

Just mist the plants and moss with water twice weekly and watch your garden come to life with deep hues of greens and brilliant red berries laying on the green carpet moss. Excellent for gifts, centerpieces, kindergarten class workshops or the nature lover you have and want to give a rare gift. Just add your glass, we supply everything else within this kit.

Leucobryum, commonly called white moss or cushion moss, can be found growing wild worldwide and is quickly made its way into residential gardens as ground cover and decorative touches. This simple to care for moss can be easily added to a moss aquarium also, and you can find more plants like it on the moss for sale page.

Cushion moss leucoloryum gets its name from its unusual growth pattern. Unlike many mosses, cushion moss grows in a humping habit. This design can resemble a pin cushion. It is also known as white moss because it has a silvery white look when dry that turn to a vibrant green color when wet. This moss ball appearance is what makes it so attractive in mass gardens.

Terrarium Garden Kit 

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