Swamp White Oak Seedlings

Swamp White Oak Seedlings

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November 1st Through April 15th

Sun & Shade


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Swamp White Oak Seedlings - Quercus bicolor

The Swamp White Oak Seedlings is a species of the beech family, closely related to the White Oak. It is native to northeastern US and central Canada, commonly found in low-lying areas and near ponds or lakes. The wood is very dense, making it ideal for harvest for lumber. This tree grows best in hydromorphic soil, which is formed in wetlands. This tree grows rapidly, and can reach 60-80 feet in height, with the largest growth found in New York and Ohio. Bark is light grayish-brown, similar to that of White Oak. Foliage is dense, with leaves ranging from 12-18 cm long, and 7-11 cm wide, with very small lobes. The fruit is a peduncle acorn, very small in mature size. Wildlife gathers at these trees for the fallen acorns. The leaves will turn yellow, brown, amber, and reddish-brown in the fall.

The Swamp White Oak is a favorite among landscapers, due to its relatively easy care and transplantation.

A beautiful tree that provides ideal shade, and compliments any landscaping style. This tree provides a wonderful addition with very low maintenance, and a great opportunity for bird watching, or spectating visiting deer, squirrels, and rabbits that are attracted to the acorns it produces.

It will add terrific curb appeal to your home, making a great place for a porch-swing or perhaps a flower garden in its shade. This tree can live up to 350 years, so it will probably out-live even your home. Imagine, if you will, purchasing a Swamp White Oak seedling and planting it with your child, or grandchild. The tree grows rapidly, as much as 2 feet per year! It will quickly outgrow him or her, with the added benefit of growth and maturity with them. They will have fond memories of planting that little Oak tree with you and continue on with their children. Planting more than one of these trees would provide a lovely umbrella over your yard or garden!

Swamp White Oak the spread can be just as significant, depending on the growing conditions.

Needs moist soil conditions to reach its potential. It is a smaller oak but still packs a punch of color and beauty. It will be very durable and will have a long lifespan in the landscape area. It is perfect for adding shade or with windy locations.

Swamp White Oak Seedlings