Sugar Maple Seedlings

Sugar Maple Seedlings

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November 1st Through April 15th

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Sugar Maple Seedlings -  Acer Saccharum

There is nothing more common and beautiful as a Sugar Maple Tree and live for hundreds of year to come. Sugar Maple Seedlings should be spread out from each other, to be able to produce a large crown. The sugar maple must have a well-drained soil for it to thrive. It will not sustain its self on watery grounds, or arid ones as well, it has to have a balance of each. This tree thrives, and grows tall and straight in the northern forest, but can also develop in the southern forest, but just not as well. The Sugar Maple Tree is very tall, and bushes out for great shade value, they can come in various colors, especially in the fall. Most of them have an almost star-shaped leaf and deep, detailed, beautiful veins. A lot of these tree species are used for landscaping decorations around city streets and businesses, as well as country homes and residential areas.

Sugar Maple Trees are also great for producing maple syrup, especially if they have a full winter season, and can be tapped to produce maple syrup, what a great treat.

There is a wide assortment of maple tree species, and each has different heights and spread ranges, but most are very tall and straight. Sugar maples can grow at about a foot annually, and they are susceptible to heat and drought. Growing a sugar maple consists of planting with a lightly moist soil. Plant tree in a whole of about four times the width of the root, and then four times the height of the root ball, this will provide for enough soil to support the tree to stay in its place. Make sure to water root well before placing dirt on it. Once whole is filled in, then set mulch about two to four inches above the soil to keep moisture in.

Sugar Maple Tree is very easy to maintain and grow and provides excellent shade for a home or yard.