Staghorn Sumac Seedlings

Staghorn Sumac Seedlings

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November 1st Through April 15th

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Staghorn Sumac Seedlings

The Staghorn Sumac is a plant native to North America, but the seedlings of this lush, ornamental shrub are now cultivated across the globe. The Rhus Typhina, the Staghorn Sumac's official name, was originally found in the eastern regions of the North American continent, from Canada to the eastern United States, and throughout the Appalachian Mountains. Staghorn Sumac Seedlings grow in temperate climates, eventually matching the size of a small tree, reaching heights of 16 feet. The deciduous shrub, upon reaching its adult state, is quite broad, often up to 20 feet wide. The leaves and stems of the Staghorn Sumac are usually hidden beneath a thick layer of rust-colored hairs, making the shrub soft to the touch. This velvet texture, combined with the branching look of the leaves, lend the shrub an antler-like appearance, hence its name, after a stag's horns.

Staghorn Sumac Seedlings require soil that is moist, but well-drained.

These colors, along with the shrub's distinctive fruit, clustering in red drupes at the ends of its branches, make the seedlings a popular garden choice. They are, however, quite hardy, tolerant to drought and polluted air, and as a suckering plant, they can reproduce quite rapidly. It is advised to keep an eye on them before your garden is overwhelmed.

The Staghorn Sumac starts each spring with a vibrant shade of green, but as cold weather approaches, the Staghorn Sumac seedlings transform into the violent, beautiful oranges, purples, and yellows of autumn.

Beyond their natural beauty, the Staghorn Sumac Seedlings are cultivated for other uses. The dried leaves of the Staghorn Sumac are used by beekeepers as a natural fuel for their smokers. The fruits of the shrub are also used to make pink lemonade and are an ancient additive for Native American tobacco users. The rich tannin content of the Staghorn Sumac Seedlings also makes for a great source of dye. This multi-talented shrub is a great addition to any garden, easy to grow, and beautiful to watch.