They work great on a lawn to create a beautiful shade tree and also to attract tiny wildlife critters like birds and squirrels to an area.  They also make beautiful color during the spring and summer with beautiful green leaves and during the fall the leaves will change to a red and orange color.  These trees are very strong and hardy when grown.

Southern Red Oak Seedlings

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November 1st Through April 15th

Full Sun


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Southern Red Oak Seedlings - Quercus falcata

A durable, large tree, the Southern Red Oak Seedlings is the perfect shade tree in a yard on a residential street. Reaching heights of 60 to 80 feet, this lovely specimen has a nice, rounded crown and a width of 60 to 70 feet. Native to the southeastern region of the United States, these trees thrive in many areas, including U.S, Agriculture plant hardiness zone three through nine. The bark is rough with a reddish-brown color similar to cherry, shallow, furrowed bark. Glossy green leaves fill the tree in the summertime, then turn brilliant red and gold in the fall and winter.

Characteristics of Southern Red Oak Seedlings low maintenance, fine tree include leaves with three to five main, deep lobes.

Leaf length ranges from five to eight inches, with a width up to six inches. They make ideal leaf piles jump in during the fall season. Landscapers enjoy the easy, hardy nature of these trees and find them useful as ornamental trees at times. Their medium to the moderate growth rate of 13 to 24 inches a year make them ideal to fit with other trees and plants, as they will not crowd them out.

Southern red oak seedlings do well when planted in poor, drier upland soil conditions. However, they tolerate most types of soil if it is well drained. Achieve the best growth placing seedlings in moist, neutral to acidic soil. Plant them in full sun and leave plenty of space for growth as large landscaping trees. Depending upon care, these trees live anywhere from 100 to 500 years.

The Southern Red Oak has many practical applications for human use.

It acts as a great fuelwood because of its high heat value. Heavy, strong and coarse-grained wood makes it a durable source of lumber used for flooring, construction and furniture making. Wildlife loves the half inch acorns, you will enjoy watching the competition between the squirrels and woodpeckers for the biggest acorn. Native Americans used this tree as a source of food for hundreds of years.

Southern Red Oak Seedlings