Sourwood Tree Seedlings

Sourwood Tree Seedlings

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November 1st Through April 15th

Full Sun

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Sourwood Tree Seedlings - Oxydendrum Arboreum.

Sourwood Tree Seedlings, also known as Sorrel Tree, is found throughout the eastern United States but is particularly abundant in the Appalachian region of the southeastern United States. The name “Sourwood” is a reference to the sour taste of the tree’s leaves. It is an ornamental shade tree that. New growth on Sourwood Tree Seedlings appears yellow-green and darkens to a reddish-brown color. Sourwood Tree Seedlings is not affected by any significant diseases or pests. In optimal conditions, Sourwood Tree Seedlings can live for one to two hundred years. Sourwood Tree Seedlings typically grows at a rate of twelve to twenty-four inches a year. Once established, Sourwood Tree Seedlings can tolerate brief periods of drought but favors consistent moisture and slightly acidic, well-drained soil. The Sourwood Tree Seedlings leaves are four to eight inches long. Sourwood Tree Seedlings are elliptical in shape and a deep, dark green during the summer but turn a vibrant red with minor purple and yellow in the fall. Highly prized as an ornamental tree, the showy, bell-shaped, creamy white flowers emerge in early summer, after most spring flowering plants have stopped producing flowers.

The Tree Seedlings blossoms are presented in four to ten inch, elongate clusters.

An oblong-shaped fruit follows the fragrant flowers. The pods are not typically edible but provide a nice contrast to the fall colors. The primary use of Sourwood Tree Seedlings is to produce high-quality, extra sweet honey. Bees especially enjoy the Sourwood flowers and the honey produced by bees that frequent Sourwood Tree Seedlings are highly sought after. Lumber from Sourwood Tree Seedlings has been used to make tool handles. Amazingly, Sourwood Tree Seedlings, or any similar species, is not found growing wild on other continents and is only present if cultivated. 

Sourwood Tree Seedlings grow 30 feet in height and 20 feet in spread.

Sourwood Tree Seedlings