Snow Hill Hydrangea

Snow Hill Hydrangea

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Snow Hill Hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens)


Snow Hill Hydrangea: The Snow Hill, Hydrangea arborescens, is a TN Nursery customer choice shrub. This plant is both a cold-hardy and heat-hardy perennial, woody, flowering shrub. It thrives in partial sunshine conditions and almost any USDA growing zone in the United States.


Snow Hill Hydrangea is a North American native species originating along the eastern coast of the United States.


Where to Use Snow Hill Hydrangea in Your Landscape


Snow Hill Hydrangea is a valuable plant for many garden settings. Consider investing in this species to use in the following applications:


  •      Cottage garden
  •      Mass planting to form a hedge
  •      Pollinator garden (it attracts butterflies, bees, moths, and other insects to help the pollination process)
  •      Cutting garden
  •      Along a property line to define the border
  •      Fairy garden
  •      Garden border
  •      Urban garden


The Snow Hill Hydrangea grows well in almost any setting, so feel free to let the creative juices flow.


Snow Hill Hydrangea Has Minimal Care Needs


Taking care of any hydrangea shrub is easy and takes a small time commitment. Here are the things the Snow Hill hydrangea plant needs:

  •      Plant your Snow Hill Hydrangea in a partial-sun location (it will tolerate full sun with sufficient watering)
  •      It requires well-drained soil
  •      Fertilize twice yearly (in the early spring and fall after it finishes blossoming)
  •      Prune to the desired shape; deadhead the spent blossoms
  •      One inch of water weekly
  •      Layer on an inch of mulch before winter in colder climates.


The Classic Good Looks of the Snow Hill Hydrangea Shrub


The Snow Hill Hydrangea is a lovely and timeless garden shrub prized for its beautiful, snowy white pom-pom flowers. It grows erect and could reach six feet tall and wide if you let it grow wild. However, most gardeners prune it to prevent that height. The leaves are dark green, oval, and somewhat rough. The foliage provides the perfect backdrop for the summertime show of substantial white flowers.


The stems are light brown, woody, and sturdy enough to support the prominent pom-pom flower. The flowers are enormous, averaging about eight inches, and comprised of dozens of petite, white disc petals. They are long-lasting blooms with a pleasant scent that invites the bumblebees to alight in your garden.


Order Your Snow Hill Hydrangea From TN Nursery Today


Snow Hill Hydrangea is a top customer pick for its beauty and ability to flourish in many growing zones. Order from TN Nursery today.



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  • 4
    Can't wait for it to bloom

    Posted by Dixie Gengler on Apr 21, 2022

    Package great. It was what they said it would be

  • 4
    Shipping was super fast

    Posted by Paul Cedro on Mar 29, 2022

    Only took two days to receive. Haven't planted yet but it arrived with roots moist and wrapped well.

  • 3
    Snow Hill Hydrangea

    Posted by Kyla Wood on Jan 23, 2022

    Am ordering few more of this to complete the looks of my pathway. I had this few shrubs last year and still waiting to lush out more

  • 5

    Posted by Lucy orange on Dec 22, 2020

    I bought six of these about two years ago they start blooming white then turn pink then turn a beautiful blue I’ve never owned anything I love this much thank you so much I am ordering some more right now.

  • 5
    Beautiful Healthy Plants

    Posted by Cassandra Hopkins on Dec 09, 2020

    this is a great product. All mine are doing exceptionally well. Shipped fast packed well I'm in love with my shrubs I've ordered. They look great in my yard.

  • 5
    Hydrangea Shrubs

    Posted by Wanda Bass on Aug 27, 2019

    The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

  • 5
    Hydrangea Shrubs

    Posted by Caleb Laura on Aug 23, 2019

    The blooms on this plant are very unique and beautiful. Looks great in my gardens!

  • 5
    Hydrangea Shrubs

    Posted by Pamela White on Aug 21, 2019

    I just love the blue color of this. This is great quality of plants.

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin Lawson on Oct 02, 2018

    received my shrubs and the are great in size. the shipping was fast and simple. and happy to see instructions came with them.

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