Small Evergreen Hedges

Small Evergreen Hedges Make Excellent Privacy Fences and Border Plants

Evergreen shrubs can be used to beautify your landscape and create natural privacy screens to turn any area into a retreat. As living fences, evergreen hedges can block your view of the neighboring property or establish the boundaries of a lovely garden while providing you with pleasing color, soft texture, and a beautiful backdrop for flowers, trees, and other plants. Privet hedges are synonymous with privacy. The term "privet hedge" is often used to refer to any of the evergreen hedges used as living fences or privacy screens. But privet hedges are created by fast-growing evergreen shrubs of the Ligustrum genus.

California privet, or Ligustrum ovalifolium, can be trimmed into virtually any shape. When planted close together, a beautiful evergreen wall will form in just a couple of years. Its attractive dark green leaves with an oval shape, and small honey-scented, white flowers are pleasing to the eye. Small black berries that attract birds to follow them. With a mature height of 10-15 feet, the California privet enjoys full sun to partial shade.

Another fast growing hedge is the northern privet, Ligustrum ibolium, which may grow as much as three feet per year, with a mature height of up to 12 feet. Its glossy green foliage adds interest along with white flowers that are followed by black berries that attract wildlife. The northern privet can tolerate a variety of soil conditions and grows in sun or partial shade. It will keep its natural shape with just a little trimming each year.

The regal privet, or Ligustrum obtusifolium regelianum, is another flowering shrub which forms the perfect hedge when pruned. Ranging in height from 12-18 feet, it prefers moist soil and sun to partial shade. Dense and hardy, regal privet is an excellent choice for instant curb appeal.