Shade Shrubs


Perfect Shrubs for Shade Areas 

Looking for the perfect shrubs for shade areas?  Many shrubs grow and thrive in the shade. A person can purchase these shrubs at and find the one that best fits their home and landscape design.

 Pink Weigela - An Excellent Shrub for Shaded Areas

This is a shade-loving bush that will add some color to the landscaping. Just like the name states, this bush has pink flowers that are in bloom. It does not need sunlight to grow, and it will add a pop of color to the years.


 Snow Hill Hydrangea Shrubs

 This is one of the plants in the hydrangea family that can grow in the shade. This shrub has white flowers that grow in clusters. This shrub can be used by those who do not have much sun in the yard but still want some pretty flowers to grow.


 Red Chokeberry Shrubs

 This is a shrub that will produce red berries. The red will add a bold touch to the yard. They do not require much sunlight to grow and do best with most of their time in the shade. There is also the black chokeberry for those that want a more subtle tone to their yard.

 Witch Hazel

 This shrub will have a bright yellow color when it is in bloom. This can be used as a stand-alone item for the yard or planted next to each other. The yellow will look good, and there is not much sun that is needed for growth. 

 California Privet Plants

 This shrub is dense and green. The leaves are close together. Many people put this shrub in their yard for privacy as they cannot see through the plant. It can also be used as a border and a boundary line. It does not need a lot of sunlight to grow.

 These are some of the best shrubs for growing in the shade

They are still flowering and will make the yard look great. All of these shrubs can be purchased at , and a person can find the perfect match for their lawn.

Shrubs - Shrubs for Shade


Shrubs! You can call them bushes as well. Everyone knows what shrubs are. Whether they are interested in plant kingdom or not (at least the basic definition), well, let us tell you the different attributes/characteristics of shrubs starting from the basics!

Characteristics of Shrubs

The shrubs belong to the perennials category that remains evergreen and lively, mostly in their lifespan. You can distinguish them from trees because of their stems, branches, and relatively short height. The shrubs are usually 20-33 feet tall. Their width is about 6.6 feet wide. If you give them their ideal conditions and soils, they can reach even higher than 33 feet. All types of shrubs grow in a wide range of growing conditions. Many shrubs species are in between perennial plants and tall trees. Interestingly, some of them die within 5 years, whereas some may live up to 70 years or even more. It means you can categorize them as either deciduous or evergreen. 

Growing shrubs is very easy. Dig a hole and plant your shrub. They thrive in almost all conditions but prefer full sun and well-drained soils. They make an excellent choice for your outdoor space. 

Top Shrubs for Shade

Here are some of options that you can consider buying:

  1. Arrowwood Viburnum

Arrowwood Viburnum can appear like a waterfall with gorgeous white blossoms as it develops and spreads. This wonderful shrub thrives in a variety of soils. It's a beautiful ornamental plant for any garden or yard.

  1. Black Chokeberry 

Black Chokeberry is a multi-functional shrub that provides beauty and shade while also providing a variety of health advantages. It has a dense growth habit that generates white flower bunches. They turn into berries. 

  1. Blackhaw Viburnum 

The fall foliage of this shrub is appealing to the eyes because of the amount of nectar inside its white flowers. It is a favorite of butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and many other pollinators.

  1. Carolina Allspice 

This type of shrub is an excellent source of shade and decoration for the gardens. It is mostly grown with trees and other plants, so they are pretty good for foundation planting. The flowers are fragrant and give the pleasure of another level. 

  1. Carol Red Dogwood

The brilliant red bark of the Coral Red Dogwood bush is visible in all seasons, including the winters. It has dark green foliage with attractive white summer flowers. They are excellent shade shrubs because of the thick foliage. 

  1. Maple Leaf Viburnum 

Because of their dense branches and thick foliage, you can use them as decorative shrubs and hedges for fountains and garden borders. The shrub needs 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight every day, with another 6 hours in half shade. 

  1. Ninebark 

These are flowering shrubs that you can mostly see throughout North America. Early spring arrives in vibrant foliage that lasts until September, when a yellow hue indicates the arrival of fall color. When flowers mature, they turn brown and stay that way throughout the winter.

  1. Northern Privet

It is a fast-growing hedgerow in America with beautiful dark green leaves that looks fresh and energetic. It may thrive in hot climates because it is a temperature-resistant shrub. They can grow up to ten feet in height.

  1. Pee Gee Hydrangea

It's the most obvious Hydrangea choice for late-summer flowers. It has magnificent foliage, with deep green, cone-shaped leaflets that turn bronze in the winter. The plant thrives in moist to slightly moist conditions.

  1. Pink Hibiscus

This shrub is a popular choice for so many people. It is because of its trumpet-shaped flowers having pink to light purple color. On their stalks, they bear both solitary and twin flowers. It is free of pests and diseases.

  1. Pink Weigela

Pink weigela is easy to care for and perfect for adding a splash of color to a sunny border. This bush has an elegant, arching form that acts as a focal point for large flower beds. These evergreen shrubs can grow up to 4-6 feet in height. 

  1. Red Chokeberry

As the name indicates, it bears red berries that have multiple benefits. This fruit is edible raw and can be made into jams, jellies, and marmalades. Other ways to make full use of this include drying them or making tea. Additionally, nature creatures benefit from this crimson berry.

  1. Red Osier Dogwood

The leaves of the red-osier are mild to dark green. These are usually oblong to oval in form and range in size from 2-5 inches. It bears white berries in the summer season and transforms them into a deep scarlet maroon stem in the springtime.

  1. Red Weigela

Red Prince and Sonic Bloom are two of its most well-known names. It can produce blossoms on both new and aged wood. With a lovely arching habit that acts as a foundation for large beds, Red Weigela is a lovely choice for the garden.

  1. Running Bamboo

They spread through the release of underground runners. Several of these plants can endure freezing temperatures. They are among the common bamboo plants that make excellent shrub borders for the yard.

  1. Snow Hill Hydrangea

It's a shrub that grows naturally in Eastern America. Snow Hill Hydrangea is a small shrub with a canopy spread of up to 6 feet and a height of up to 5 feet. Such shrubs are low-maintenance. There are different varieties of this shrub.

  1. Pink Spirea

Pink Spirea is a shady and butterfly bush that is home to many garden insects and butterflies. It brings aesthetic appeal with the small pink flowers and vibrant green leaves. 

  1. Witch Hazel

Common witch hazel emerges with a blaze of gold leaves and yellow, orange, even red flowers while other plants are resting for their wintertime sleep. The eastern variety of the plant blooms towards the middle of January.

Tn Nursery has your favorite shrubs for a shade that you can buy at affordable prices. There are different packages we offer. Contact us for further details! 

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