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Wildflowers Package (25 Plants)

Wildflowers Package: TN Nursery offers a wildflowers package that includes 25 plants. This package can help our customers hop on to the movement of "wildscaping" or "rewilding" their landscape.

This movement helps people, especially in drought-prone areas, enjoy a picturesque yard filled with easy-care, hardy species of flowers that are ideal for their region. Wildflower gardens can replace large grassy areas, cutting back on water demands.

When you select the wildflowers package, you receive 25 plants ideally suited to your USDA growing zone. 

The horticulturists at TN Nursery will review your growing zone and hand-curate a selection of the best perennial-plant that will flourish in your area. For example, a customer in an arid region will receive only drought-tolerant species. On the other hand, a customer in a cooler, rainy area will only receive the right plants.

In other words, the wildflowers package removes the worry from you--you are in our capable hands. You will have wildflowers that bloom from spring through the summer with less effort than you can imagine. 

Wildflower Package may include

We grow hundreds of native perennials here at TN Nursery, but here are five typical plants that we might surprise you with based on your local needs: 

Dutchman's Breeches: An easy-care, low-maintenance white and yellow flower.

Indian Pink Plants: These native perennials show off in the early summer and remain as beautiful greenery after they bloom.

Hairy Buttercup: These cheerful yellow blossoms will brighten up your wildflower garden, starting as early as April in some regions.

Wildflowers Package (25 Plants) is available online at TN Nursery

Wildflowers are an excellent opportunity to cultivate an undemanding, environmentally-friendly garden. Order your wildflowers package today.

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