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Red Osier Dogwood

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Red Osier Dogwood



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Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea)

Red Osier Dogwood Trees: TN Nursery customers adore Cornus sericea, our red osier dogwood trees. The North American native species is a deciduous ornamental tree that puts on a fantastic display of white flowers in the late spring or early summer.

Most gardeners adore red osier dogwood trees for more than just their magnificent white flowers--they love the year-round color. Their unique coral-to-red stems create an exciting color contrast that makes the blossoms even showier. The stems are bronze-red during spring and summer and turn to intense coral for wintertime color after the season ends.

Besides the colorful presentation, gardeners love the fuss-free nature of this forest native. It is pest-resistant, cold-hardy, and drought-hardy. It will look after itself as it matures with almost no extra care. They flourish in the cool to moderately warm USDA growing zones.

Red Osier Dogwood Trees Are Super Easy to Grow

Once your red osier dogwood trees strengthen, they will give you a stunning display of large white flowers in the latest weeks of the springtime and a lush green canopy during the summer. In the autumn, the leaves turn orange, bronze, or russet.

Red osier dogwood trees require full sunshine. The leaves will make an early entrance each season. Thus, they need the warm sun of the early springtime to awaken them for the growing season.

Before you plant your red osier dogwood trees, locate a place with well-draining soil, as they do not like wet roots. De-compact the ground and scoop in a generous helping of organic compost, wood mulch, or shredded leaf litter. The forest native species loves the organic wood contents.

Once the red osier dogwood matures, you will only perform routine care--fertilizer twice yearly (spring and fall), pruning if needed, and an inch layer of a protective layer of mulch in the late fall.

The Summertime Beauty of Red Osier Dogwood Trees Is Impressive

The red osier dogwood tree has a sturdy but relatively small in diameter trunk and multiple upright but graceful branches.

The creamy white blossoms are large clusters of small (under a half-inch) flowers, each with four flat petals and green or yellow centers. When they form the groupings, they present as a large, fluffy single flower from a distance. Only when you observe up close, do you see the many small blooms.

Order Your Red Osier Dogwood Tree From TN Nursery 

TN Nursery digs each tree fresh and ships it to the customer immediately to ensure premium plant health. Order your red osier dogwood tree today.

Customer Reviews

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Red Oiser Dogwood

Arrived quickly, well packaged and healthy. Just got the pair in the ground . I've been impressed with everything I've ordered from TN Nursery

Lily Snyder
Red Osier Dogwood

This pinkish shrub thrives well in my pathway. So loving it so much.

red osier dogwood
bare root planted in good soil

looks dead but am sure it will perk up

Stephanie S
Red osier dogwood bush

Items arrived quickly. Exactly as described.

Mark Sullivan
Wonderful colors

Words cannot describe how much I love this Plant in my garden my husband bought it for me for Valentine’s Day I couldn’t be more satisfied