Butterfly Plants - 6 plants



March April


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Butterfly Plants - 6 plants

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Butterfly Plants - 6 plants



March April


Blooming Age
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Butterfly Plants Package - 9 Plants Perfectly Selected For Your Planting Zone To Attract Butterflies

Butterfly Plants Package - 9 Colorful Plants to Attract Beautiful Butterflies

We will hand-select you perfect plants to attract monarchs and butterflies to your garden. We take into consideration your planting zone and will choose plants perfect for your zone.

Butterfly Plants Package: TN Nursery can provide a savvy solution to attract stunning butterflies, including the endangered monarch butterfly, to your yard--our butterfly plants package. We include nine plants that these lovely winged creatures find irresistible.

Butterfly plants attract butterflies to your yard 

Attracting these charming creatures to your yard requires you to grow the plants that attract them.

What do butterflies want? That’s easy! Colorful plants with rich nectars and lush foliage where they can lay their eggs and hide their youngsters--our butterfly plants package contains the species that will check both of those boxes. 

The horticulturists understand the vital connection between plants and butterflies and know what plants will grow best in your local USDA growing zone. They will custom-choose only the best plants for butterflies in your local area, removing your uncertainty. 

What Plants Might Arrive in Your Butterfly Plants Package

Remember, each butterfly plant package is custom-tailored to suit your needs. TN Nursery grows over a hundred plant species, many of which attract your winged friends. We will select nine just for you. The following are a few plants we love: 

  • Milkweed plant: We often include the milkweed plant, as it is the only way to save the endangered monarch butterfly. Milkweed is the one plant that can nourish its young. Over the years, widespread destruction of this plant led to putting monarchs on the brink of disaster.
  • Butterfly bush: The lush colors of the butterfly bush serve as a beacon to many species of butterflies, including the many members of the graceful swallowtail family.
  • Jewelweed Plant: The cheerful bright orange jewelweed plant is better known as a hummingbird attractant. But rest assured that butterflies love it for the same reason--the sweet nectar. 

These are, of course, a small sampling of some of our best butterfly plants. However, the descriptions should give you an idea of the thought and care that will go into curating selections for your order.

Butterfly Plants Package (9 Plants) is available to order online at TN Nursery

Order your butterfly plants package today; you will soon enjoy winged visitors that will delight and entertain you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rachel Dubroc
Flower excited

We are exited to see them grow and flower. Excited to see the butterflies and hummingbirds feeding. I love the quantity and variety. The roots were delivered quicker than I expected. Makes me happy. I do wish each root was labeled, so I would know were I want to plant them. Til I see which is which, they will stay in pots.

Beverly Wilson

The plants arrived in good condition. I am a beginner level gardener. I did not think the planting information was detailed enough for me. I had to go to Google for more detailed information for planting the Butterfly Milkweed plant.

Donald r Mangrum

Butterfly Plants - 6 plants

Kevin Sanders

Boom! Beautiful plants, a great website, and lovely people!

Charlotte Moore

The rest of this package are finally thriving in my farmtown field. I had this for 6 months already and are flourishing nicely. So excited for the coming spring. Thank you TN nursery for this beautiful results of my purchase.