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Black Raspberry

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Black Raspberry



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Black Raspberry Bush

Black Raspberry Bush: There may be no better summer pleasure than harvesting the bounty of a black raspberry bush. Picking berries is one of life’s most fulfilling and memorable activities. In fact, TN Nursery customers often share poignant childhood memories of harvesting berries in the countryside with parents or grandparents when they call to order this plant.

This shrub is a native species of the eastern United States. It is part of the rose family and has slender, gracefully arching branches. Its blue-green compound leaves usually turn yellow in the autumn, making a lovely fall foliage display.

Its flowers are small and white but rich in nectar. The dainty flowers give way to plump, juicy, red, edible berries. These nutritious and sweet berries are excellent fresh or in baking.

How to Distinguish the Black Raspberry Bush From Other Fruiting Bushes

Some TN Nursery customers ask how to discern between the black raspberry bush and wild blackberries.

This bush is pretty easy to distinguish from the wild blackberry. Both stems are smooth and ridged, but the blackberry stem is almost entirely white, and the thorns are smaller.

Additionally, the black raspberry bush stays smaller than many other fruiting berries. It tops out at about four feet and will spread a few feet to the sides; thus, it has a more compact, shorter appearance.

Like the blackberry, the black raspberry bush will grow in thickets unless you prune it during its non-bearing season.

Care Needs of the Black Raspberry Bush

The black raspberry bush is a resilient, hardy plant that can grow in harsh conditions. It needs full sun to produce fruit and prefers to receive about an inch of water a week. However, it will readily bounce back from short drought spells.

The black raspberry bush likes moisture but does not enjoy staying wet. Find a spot with well-draining soil; fertilize it once in the spring, and let Mother Nature take it from there.

Order Your Black Raspberry Bush From TN Nursery

Try the black raspberry bush for a low-growing, easy-care fruiting bush that adds beautiful foliage and nutrition to your landscape plan. The fruit is worth the little care you put into it. Order your plants from TN Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

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Greg Wyder
Black raspberries bare root

Plants arrived in good condition & are planted . Nature is taking it’s course. Ask me in a year

Larry Grubbs
Black Raspberry

My black raspberry bush arrived in good shape & was well packed. It came in the dormant stage & is now planted in a very large pot. I am optimistic that it will thrive, as it is covered by a full year guarantee.

KeyAndre Lafayette
They are delicious

I ordered 16 I had enough berries to make 10 jars of jam this year and they have multiplied I have a huge raspberry patch now thanks to TN nursery

Alice Gordon
Huckleberries, blackberries, raspberries

They arrived tall enough for me to olant on my fence in great condition.


The bushes arrived in great condition. I would have liked to have planting and watering instructions.