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Black Haw Viburnum

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Black Haw Viburnum



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Black Haw Viburnum (Viburnum prunifolium)

Black Haw Viburnum: Viburnum prunifolium, or the black haw viburnum, is an expansive, multi-stemmed flowering shrub native to North America. It flourishes in almost all USDA plant hardiness zones in the contiguous United States. It is just as happy in the cool climates of New England or the midwestern prairies as the hot, humid climate of Georgia or the Carolinas.

Besides being at ease in many climate zones, the black haw viburnum has minimal care requirements. It prefers a looser, well-fertilized soil that drains well, about an inch of water every week, and it desires a sunny or partially sunny place of honor in your yard.

After the roots strengthen, the black haw viburnum is drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, cold-tolerant, pest-resistant, and disease-resistant.

Where to Use Black Haw Viburnum in Your Landscape

Black haw viburnum is an attractive choice for many settings, like these:

  • Native Garden: Cultivating native species means hardy, resilient plants that require less maintenance.
  • Pollinator Garden or Butterfly Garden: Black haw viburnum flowers attract pollinating insects--they cannot resist nectar inside the show-off puffy blossoms.
  • Cutting Garden: These are beautiful flowers for making tall, elegant vase arrangements.
  • Border Garden: Put black haw viburnum at the back row of a border and trim it to the perfect height.
  • Urban Garden: Black haw viburnum is ideal for an urban garden--it requires little care in an area where access to gardening supplies may be challenging.

Black Haw Viburnum Is More Than Just the Angelic White Flowers

Black haw viburnum can grow as tall as twenty feet and fifteen feet wide, but you can keep it pruned to size. It tolerates your efforts at controlling it incredibly well.

The leaves grow in an opposite arrangement in an oval shape along the stems. They have a bright green color, toothy margins, and a pointy tip. Fall colors will be red or purple.

The flowers are tiny white flowers with yellow centers, each forming a cup shape. They merge to form prominent four- or five-inch clusters that appear like snowballs on the shrub.

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Black haw viburnum is a lovely shrub that's hardy and easy to grow--order yours from TN Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

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Pat Posey
Black Haw Viburnum

I love this bush so I placed my bare root order. Product arrived with a few leaves so I planted it immediately. Hope I get a few flowers this summer!

Alicia Gibson
Black Haw Viburnum

This is a wonderful flower to accent your landscape. I have this in my lawn and so gracefully showing out.

Izzy Stevens
I absolutely love

My grandpa always had these in his yard he said it cleaned the air.
Thank you.

Carol Behrendt
Black Haw Viburnum

Looks fine out of the box.

Ginger Ross
The trees arrived in good condition. I placed the order in May. Figured I would have to call and ...

Thank you

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