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Plant Ostrich Fern

Plant Ostrich Fern

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Wednesday, September 14

If you are looking for a fern to make your garden come alive with its beautiful green foliage, then Ostrich fern is the one for you. It is a stunning ornamental fern that can transform your landscape.

Ostrich fern is also known as shuttlecock fern, and it is a deciduous crown forming fern. 

The scientific name for this fern is Matteuccua struthiopteris. It has bright green foliage that grows vertically in the form of colonies. It can dramatize any garden bed and grows in the shape of a vase. The ferns thrive in moist soil and are usually utilized in flower arrangements.

Ostrich ferns should be planted in full to partial shade and should be provided enough moisture. Each one should be planted at least 3-4 feet apart as they tend to spread when growing. They grow about 3 feet in all directions, and if there is not enough space between the plants, then they would not attain their natural shape on maturity. Plant them in such an area where they can spread at ease. What the key to beautiful, thriving ferns is never to allow the soil to dry out. Another important thing to consider is to plant them in such a place where they have shelter from strong winds as heavy winds can break the long fronds and damage the plant.

For best results, Ostrich ferns should be planted in acidic soil. This plant does not produce any seeds, and it can be propagated by dividing the rootball. Ostrich ferns tend to grow by underground rhizomes and spread in the nearby areas. You can plant them in shady and moist corners in your garden. They also look great when planted beside a rock wall. The green foliage will look striking when matched with other flowering plants so you can try growing them with plants like Iris and Japanese Anemone.

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