NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

A Plant Nursery Sells Specimen Quality Trees

Tennessee Wholesale Nursery Has A lot to Offer

At Tennessee Wholesale Nursery, we have more inventory than most in the industry. Who else do you know that carries over 150 native grasses,120 varieties of trees, and over 100 perennials, as well as ferns, wetland plants, and pond mitigation and retention plants? We thought So!

Our plant nursery is located in Middle Tennessee. We are wholesale but offer plants at wholesale prices to individuals to meet our minimum order of $150.00 and the minimum plants per species. At our plant nursery, we offer healthy grade A quality specimen plants.

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We do not have a storefront like a retail plant nursery outlet. We have fields with trees and plants in them. When you go online and place your nursery orders, you are more than welcome to pick your plants up at our local nursery field. We will let you know which location they will be ready at after you've placed your orders. We have over 18 fields we dig from, and we always think of the customer's distance and try to choose the closest plant nursery location for pickup to make things easier for you, the customer.

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