NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Plant Pine Trees For Income Or Enjoyment

Planting pine trees can provide a wide range of benefits. No matter what the species, there are several practical ways that evergreen conifers like pine trees can positively impact your property. Staying green year-round, they retain their aesthetic value no matter what the season and are easy to grow in various climates. They tend to attract birds, as they provide an ideal place for many species to nest. Many enjoy the scent of pine, and they are famous for use as a windbreak or for providing extra privacy and shade when planted along the border of a property. Planted along the roadside, they can also provide a noise buffer. Most species are hardy and typically weather storms well and can even provide a protective barrier around the home. Most species are also relatively easy to plant, simply taking time for the roots to establish and requiring little intervention. Many areas have several native species of pine.

Pine Tree Uses In Landscaping

There are other benefits to planting them, as many parts of the tree have several practical uses. Diluted pine oil can be used as a disinfectant on both skin and household surfaces and is commonly used as a natural air freshener. Scientific studies are investigating the medicinal benefits of other uses of pine needles as well. Many pine species can also be grown and sold as decorations during the holiday season and using a live tree rather than one that has been cut significantly reduces the risk of fire. Since containers can keep trees in containers for about a year, families can make a tradition out of purchasing a new tree each year and then planting them in the yard after the holiday. Pine needles can also be raked and sold for profit to mulch yards or used in your garden. Pine trees also are a popular choice for lumber.

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