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Pin Oak Seedlings Description

Pin Oak Tree Seedlings 

Pin Oak Seedlings tolerate wet soil or drought conditions. Fast-growing deciduous shade tree that is perfect for an ample open space where shade is desired, pin oaks are aptly named for the small, thin dead branches which stick out from the tree's trunk. The growing shape of the leaf canopy starts in a pyramid shape but then tends to become more oval as the tree matures.

The tree develops a straight, thick trunk that grows up to the crown, giving it an asymmetrical shape that is desirable for open horizons. These are a few trees that will tolerate extreme soil conditions on both ends of the weather spectrum. The tree will thrive when planted in wet soils most of the time.

This shade tree will thrive under drought conditions—frequently planted in cityscapes and parking lots because of its adaptability and tolerance to pollution, compacted soil, poor drainage, and drought. This hardy species has few pests or disease problems, making it a long-living shade tree.

Pin Oak Seedlings need Little Care or Maintenance and will Thrive under Drought Conditions

Applying balanced fertilizer in the early spring during the first few years of life will help promote slightly faster growth and deeper roots, but this will occur even without adding fertilizer. Pruning the lower branches while the tree is young may be needed, depending on the growing location.

The smaller branches tend to droop while not harmful to the tree, making walking or mowing under it difficult. Removing lower limbs early in the tree's life will keep it aesthetically pleasing and provide plenty of headroom under its massive canopy. These trees produce thin glossy leaves that turn brilliant shades of russet and bronze in the fall. The tiny leaves decompose quickly, so they make great additions to the compost pile or can be used as-is for garden mulch.

These trees are botanically known as Quercus palustris and are often referred to as small-leafed red oaks. These Seedlings grew into a tree with pointed lobes on the green leaves and pointed lower limbs that will self-prune. The green leaves will turn bright shades of russet and bronze in the fall before falling from the tree.

They are fast-growing trees with a symmetrical pyramid shape and change to an oval as the tree matures. The tree does best in sunny spots and can reach 70 feet with a 40-foot spread. The tree's lower branches can be trimmed when it is young if necessary, as they may be droopy though it is not harmful to the tree and can be left on it.

The seedlings do well when transplanted and grow in almost every zone. It is a hardy tree that adapts to most soil and weather conditions. They need little care or maintenance, though; in the first few years, they will get more in-depth roots and have faster growth if fertilized. Still, this will happen naturally in the suitable planting soil and sun.

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    pin oak seedlings

    Posted by RCALCATERRA on Jan 01, 2021

    received in good shape.plants look good

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    Posted by Lovely Arp on Dec 09, 2020

    The shipping was fast and the packaging was great. And the trees are amazing. Also beautiful colors.

  • 5
    Pin Oak Seedlings

    Posted by Crystal Ladd on Aug 26, 2019

    Looks great in my gardens! Very pleased with this plant.

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    Pin Oak Tree

    Posted by Sara Jennings on Aug 23, 2019

    an excellent product

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    Pin Oak Seedlings

    Posted by Kristi Leroy on Aug 22, 2019

    these are great all doing good so far


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