Periwinkle Plants

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Periwinkle (Creeping Myrtle)-Vinca minor Hardy Planting Zones- 4-8 Sun or Shade – Partial to Full Shade Mature Height - 3-6" (vines to 18" long) Mature Width- 6-18" Bloom Season – Late Spring (May-June) Gardener Status- Novice-Experienced

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Periwinkle Plants 

Periwinkle Plants, Vinca major, better known as Greater Periwinkle, is mostly found in Europe and Western Asia. But you can see it here in temperate areas in the United States. Greater Periwinkle is an excellent addition to any landscape. They can be found in meadows, but it is partial to moist undergrowth and woodlands. It can also be spotted along the banks of rivers where the altitude is 0-300 meters above the sea. Periwinkle Plants loves full sun and can flourish in deep shade as well.

Interesting Facts about Periwinkle Plants 

It uses for ornamental purposes in gardens; it's also used for the controlling off erosion. Greater Periwinkle is also known for containing compounds within it to battle cancer. Visually it is recognized by its long creeping glossy leaved vines and beautiful blue or purple flowers. Greater periwinkles can spread along grass beds indefinitely with a density of 2 - 5 meters across; it can grow as tall as 25 - 70 cm in height. The flowering period is from spring thru autumn; which makes Periwinkle Plants  an excellent addition to any garden because of its extended visibility. It blooms repeatedly, so getting a chance to view this beautiful species will often be during the year.

Greater Periwinkle is excellent for curb appeal in spring or cold seasons. It is also famous because it is easy to plant. The only requirements needed for Greater Periwinkle is moist. Periwinkle Plants  can flourish in pretty much any environment that has sunshine available or even shade. It can be spotted mostly in the South and Southwestern region of the U.S. However; it has been located in the different areas such as Michigan and Minnesota. It will undoubtedly be the topic of conversation during any bar-b-que or backyard outing.

Vinca Minor - Lesser Periwinkle, Creeping Myrtle
Vinca Minor is a dense groundcover that produces a lovely blue flower in the Spring and Summer. Its evergreen leaves are a deep, vibrant green color. Periwinkle Plants grows in mats about 3 to 6 inches high.

A Super easy plant to grow and thrive and free from most natural diseases or pests. It's not too picky about the soil it's in, but will do best with well-drained, moist soil. It's ease of cultivation and tendency to spread make it popular as a low-maintenance groundcover. Just remember that it's also difficult to remove after planting. It will usually require cutting and application of chemicals to its roots to stop it from coming back.

Periwinkle Plants