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Oak Trees

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Oak Trees - Majestic With a Lifespan Longer Than Humans

The mighty Oak Tree has been America’s National Tree since 2004. Although there are 600 species of oak, they all provide excellent shade, beautiful fall foliage, and plentiful acorns for animals to eat. Majestic, regal, and enduring, Oak Trees can grow as tall as 80 feet and live for up to 200 years.

The Chinkapin Oak Trees is a beautiful specimen

: its leaves glisten in the morning sun, the sweet acorns that it produces attracts an abundance of wildlife, its dense foliage provides the ideal amount of shade, and the odorous blooms that grow on its foliage can be smelled from miles and miles away. Its extreme height characterizes the Chinkapin Oak; when fully mature, it becomes to be 50 to 60 feet tall. Additionally, it produces sweet acorns that measure one inch across, and several animals build their homes on the branches and crevices of the tree. Its lustrous bark is ashy gray and breaks into thin flakes. Overall, the Chinkapin Oak is pure to care for: water, sunlight, and soil are the only things that it requires to flourish. Also, this tree can adapt to all types of soils; however, it does prefer land that is well drained. And, the Chinkapin Oak Tree thrives in full or partial sun. Because of its adaptability, this tree can be planted in several different locations and can be cared for by all types of people from the new gardener to the expert landscaper. Beautiful, fertile and easy to maintain, the Chinkapin makes the perfect tree to plant in all areas of a home to a business landscape.

Height: 60 ft maximum
Sun: Partial and full
soil: Easily adaptable, but it likes moist soil better

Nuttall Oak Tree

The Nuttall Oak Tree is a type of oak tree that is only from North America. It is almost always found along riverbanks and streams because it needs wet and moist soil to strive and grow. Nuttall oak leaves are only 4 to 7 inches long while leave on other trees is much more significant or much smaller. These leaves are just the medium size, and now that you know this fact, you can look and see for yourself. The color of the leaves is a dull green color that is pale on the bottom side. Wood is taken from the tree and is often sold as red oak. The tree is easy to care for and does not need much pruning. Branches may tend to hang low after 10-15 years; then some light trimming is required.
The Nuttall Oak tree is a good tree if you are trying to avoid all those limbs in your yard, but you have to have moist soil for them to grow in. On average the Nuttall will grow 20 feet every 8-10 years until it reaches its full maturity age.
Zones: 4-9

Mature: 100.’

Width: 80’

Shape: Rounded
Growth: Fast

Sunlight: Partial Sun
Soil: Dry/Acidic soil
Botanical Name: Quercus nutallii

Chestnut Oak Tree
The Chestnut Oak Tree is a species of the white oak group. It is from the United States and is located on the eastern side of the states. This tree is also called the "rock oak" because of montane and other rocky habitats. Its color that is dark gray-brown readily identifies the chestnut oak. They are huge trees and are the thickest of any eastern North American hardwood. The leaves are 4 inches long and about 2 inches wide. They are pretty much the same as leaves that are on a swamp chestnut oak and chinkapin oak. Chestnut Oak Trees are distinguished by the bark, only because the bark on chinkapin oak is light ash-gray and flakes off natural. The wood from this tree is durable is used in the construction field and the fuel field. The bark on the trees was once used for leather trade. The acorns are a crucial source of food for various forms of wildlife. The acorns on the tree are noticeable but not until the tree has reached age 20.
Zones: 5-9

Mature: 70’-80’

Width: 60’-70’

Shape: Rounded
Growth: Medium

Sunlight: Full sun to partial sun
Soil: Very Moist
Botanical Name: Quercus prinus

Oak Trees