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Oak Trees

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Purchase Affordable oak trees (Quercus sp.) from Tn Nursery

If you’re wondering where to buy affordable oak trees online then you’ve come to the right place. We have a great range of oak trees for sale that can provide welcome shade and save you money.

Oak trees provide welcome, Low Maintenance shade

Oak trees are super popular as shade trees. Their spreading canopies mean a single tree can provide a huge area of shade. And because they’re so low maintenance, planting an oak is one of the easiest ways to provide shade in your garden.

Being so beautiful, an oak tree is a much more aesthetically pleasing shade option than hard landscaping alternatives like shade cloth. And because oak trees can live for decades, even centuries, they’re often a better long-term solution than shade cloth or an umbrella, both of which deteriorate after only a few years in the sun.

And of course, oak trees have the added advantage that they put on a show every year during fall. Constructed shade alternatives can’t do that.


Oak trees can reduce your energy bill


Because oak trees are deciduous, they don’t just give shade. They adapt to the seasons and provide shade only when you need it.

If you position oak trees on the north, east and west sides of your home or office, they’ll shade your property during summer. This will keep your home or office building cooler, which keeps you at a more comfortable temperature. And that, in turn, means you don’t need to use your air conditioning as often.

In addition, oak trees cool the air around them through transpiration. They release water vapor into the air which enables evaporative cooling in the same way that an air conditioner does. This can further reduce the frequency at which you need to turn your electronic air conditioning on.

Amazingly, using trees to reduce your air conditioning use can lower your air conditioning energy requirements by up to 35%.

When you use deciduous trees like oaks to shade your property in summer, they’ll lose their leaves in autumn. This will allow the winter sun through to continue to warm your home or office during the colder months. And that means oaks can reduce your summer energy usage without increasing your winter heating needs. So oaks really can reduce your energy bill.

Hardy oak trees can help protect your property from fire

In addition to cooling air temperatures, deciduous trees like oaks can help protect your property from fire because they’re fire retardant. In fact, they can protect your property in three key ways:

  1. Oak trees can shield buildings from a fire’s radiant heat. As a wildfire front takes less than a minute to pass through any given area, vegetation doesn’t need to shield buildings for long to drastically reduce the damage.
  2. Oak trees can catch and extinguish embers before they reach a building. Before and after a wildfire front passes through, airborne glowing embers can start spot fires. Even a house fire can spread to neighboring properties through airborne embers. Some trees can catch these embers but are at risk of then igniting themselves, especially if they release volatile oils. Oak trees don’t release these oils so are less likely to catch fire. The embers are therefore more likely to burn up on their own but the water vapor oak leaves release into the air can also extinguish embers before they consume their fuel.
  3. Leaf litter from oak trees isn’t flammable. When trees shed their leaves, they add to the wildfire fuel load on the ground. When those leaves collect on roofs and in gutters, they also make those parts of a building more flammable. Because oak leaves are difficult to burn, however, they don’t contribute to the fuel load. When they cover other flammable material they can even reduce the chance of that material catching fire.

If you’ve got a site with moist soil, oaks are a great option for protecting your property from fire.

Oak trees can feed animals and people

Acorns are the seeds of oak trees. And you probably know that a wide variety of animals eat acorns. So planting an oak tree can provide valuable food for local wildlife like squirrels and chipmunks.

What many people don’t realize is that acorns are also edible to humans. They contain tannins that taste bitter and are toxic, but processing removes these tannins making acorns quite palatable. You can roast them, make bread from them and use them as a coffee substitute. You can even make acorn cookies.

Pro tip:

Choose the position of your oak tree carefully so its roots don’t disturb any nearby pavement.

So if you want a tree that can provide shade, reduce your energy bill, protect your property from fire and feed local wildlife and your family, our oak trees are easy to grow, easy to maintain and easy to love. 

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