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Mitchella Repens

Mitchella Repens

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Saturday, March 26

It’s an occasion that many have waited their entire life for… Pregnancy and having their first child! 

How more exciting can you get to know that you are expecting or that you are going to be a parent for the very first time?

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing, but as we all know, the fear and thought of giving birth just scare us to death. But childbirth doesn’t have to be the scariest thing in the world especially with all of the herbal medicines made available to us these days.

As protective as a new mother gets the minute she finds out she’s expecting or the first time the heartbeat is heard it makes it all more surreal and an amazing and wonderful thing.

When you are pregnant, the last thing one wants to do is become sick or ill and have to take medication, but with the squaw vine, it has many features that will not harm the baby nor your health. The Squaw Vine is an herbal medication that is all natural and can be used during the last week of pregnancy to speed up childbirth as well as to make childbirth easier as well as aiding in expelling of the after birth.

Squaw Vine can be taken in a capsule form or powder form to offer various ways of taking it. Although the Squaw Vine has not been approved by the FDA, it has been used for hundreds of years by several different cultures such as the Native Americans and people in China.

TN Nursery has the Squaw Vine in bulk prices that can be shipped directly to your home. TN Nursery has a great variety of herbal vines, plants, perennials and many other plants to choose from.\

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