Hepatica Plant

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Anemone hepatica Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade - Full Sun Mature Height - 4-6" Mature Width- 12-36" Bloom Season – Spring (April-May) Gardener Status- Beginner

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Hepatica Plant that can be grown as a ground cover or a smaller plant, depending on the desire of the owner. This plant will prefer soils that are mildly acidic or neutral in their compositions and will love to be planted in a light shade environment.  Its botanical name is Anemone Acutiloba.  This plant will make beautiful ground covers for natural areas and also for retaining walls around a property.  They supply fantastic color as their blooms appear. 

Hepatica Plant are great to attract beautiful butterflies to garden areas.  These plants thrive when planted in acidic soils and can adapt to other types as well.  These plants usually bloom in the middle of spring, and the blooms can last on into the summer months.  These flowers are a bluish purple and will have six petals.  They will also have tiny white stalks that come from the yellow middle of the flower.  They are indeed some of the best yet subtle flowers available on the market today. 

Hepatica Plant is an excellent choice no matter where you need a plant because it takes little to no attention from the owner.  It can grow and develop with ease with little attention and does not require a great deal of knowledge about gardening from the owner.  It is great for beginners! Hepatica is an outstandingly beautiful herb that produces a fresh, subtle scent at the beginning of spring. Each flower sprouts forth from the ground on its stem, which is covered by tiny, long and fine hairs several inches tall and its leaves are heart-shaped. Flowers are ordinarily a bright blue or lavender, but you may find white or pink ones locally, depending on the area. Flowers open fully on sunny days and display themselves for several weeks. Hepatica works wonderfully as a garden plant in shady locations with rich soil. Once it is established, it will live for several years and form little clumps of flowers that let you know it is springtime.

Hepatica Plant 


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