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Hard stem Bulrush - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Hard Stem Bulrush 

Hard Stem Bulrush is Schoenoplectus acutus. It is a native plant. It is a robust, obligate, and rhizomatous plant that preferably grows in wetlands where it appears as dense colonies. Its reproduction is carried out by seeds that disperse by water or wind. It grows well from stored seeds available in the seed bank.

This plant's seed germinates and establishes best in bare and moist soil; however, it can grow well when submerged in 1.6 inches of water inside a laboratory. This plant can also develop from rhizomes vegetatively.  

It consists of umbellate and compact flowering parts with an extended greenish bract which simulates a continuation of the culm. The spikelets are mostly gray-brown or grayish, many with a length of 1/4- 5/8 inch.   

Hard Stem Bulrush grows in wet meadows, along stream and lake margins, floodplains, washes, seeps, swamps, and marshes

It has a formation of monocultures among marshes all over its range. It has the best growth on sites with standing water or saturated soil almost yearly. It grows in wet meadows, along stream and lake margins, floodplains, washes, seeps, swamps, and marshes.

It flourishes in brackish or freshwater. It can quickly propagate in areas where the water table is 0.33 feet below or 5 feet above the soil surface. It is impartially tolerant of drought. It is capable of persisting for many years in dry conditions. Soils in which this plant propagates are usually anaerobic and have coarse to fine-textured, and this plant has a high salinity tolerance.   

It is a beneficial or semi-aquatic species; It provides shelter for many birds and mammals. It is a staple food for small mammals and muskrats. Waterfowl and passerines eat seeds. It offers valuable nesting shelter and escapes shelter for different kinds of waterfowl and passerines throughout its range.

In Utah, it is a vital egret nesting and heron shelter. It regrows well once removed and tolerates fire well. It spread by stolons rapidly. It closes in open water and bare shorelines in marshes, which is vital for some shorebirds and waterfowl production.

The plant's herbage yield is high. However, the forage value is less. It is infrequently grazed by livestock if another forage is present. If upland forage is not available and dry soil conditions, it is beneficial that big game animals and livestock utilize this plant. It buffers wind and wave action on ponds and lakes, enhancing vegetation on the shores. This plant is utilized in artificial wetlands for the filtration of agricultural wastewater.

Hard Stem Bulrush Schoenoplectus Acutus For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping



Reviews (4)

  • 4
    Doing great

    Posted by Jay on May 10, 2016

    This plant arrived intact and unbruised. It is growing. Vigorously already just two days after delivery. Cute plant!

  • 5

    Posted by Ronica dickens on Dec 23, 2020

    I ordered 20 of these and put them in my pond they have multiplied like crazy! LOVE

  • 5
    Hard Stem Bulrush

    Posted by Monroe Herbert on Aug 22, 2019

    This looks great around the pond.

  • 5
    Blooming Out Of The BOX

    Posted by Eli Jacobs on May 10, 2016

    Loved my plants. I can not believe one has blooms pods on it already. Lovely company.


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