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Groundcovers Do well in moist soil types

Vines and groundcovers work well mixing them. We have some great groundcover packages on sale at TN Nursery

Groundcovers: Best Sellers

1. English Ivy

2. Ajuga

3. Partridgeberry

4. Periwinkle

5. Phlox

Groundcovers: Flowers adorn lawns and gardens for visually appealing and provide a fragrant scent. The Sweet Violet-Viola Odorata is a scented plant that originated in the United Kingdom and Asia. It has become one of the most preferred flowers for bordering a yard, driveway, walkway, etc. It consists of several cultivars for garden use. The scent of the Sweet Violet-Viola Odorata was first popular in the later Victorian period. Typical usage of the plant has been the production of cosmetics and perfume fragrances. The scent of this flower is very distinctive. The Sweet Violet-Viola Odorata is also a common ingredient for some herbal medications that treat insomnia, respiratory conditions, and skin disorders.

A deep-colored groundcover plant


This beautiful violet plant is characterized by scented flowers, typically dark violet or white. The leaves on the plant, as well as the flowers, are in a basal rosette. The styling of the plant is hooked, meaning it has no rounded appendage. The hairs on the stalks of the leaf point downward, and the plant spreads with shoots above ground. Another feature of the Sweet Violet-Viola Odorata is that these perennials grow to four to six inches. They are adorable and easy to handle. They can spread from 8-to 24 inches in width. These small fragrant flowering plants often grow wild in clearings or at the edge of forests. They can also grow uninvited in gardens and on lawns in some areas.


The Sweet Violet perennials grow well in cold and cool weather. They can be seen blooming in late Winter or early Spring. Shaded spots are where they grow best. They reach their peak and provide an aromatic smell outdoors.

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