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Saturday, February 26

French landscape gardens are unusual.

They were often made to look like scenes from romantic paintings or even books. In fact, the garden at Versailles was designed by a painter.

To bring a bit of the French landscape garden onto your property, consider creating small ruins. A partially built stone wall with the rest left "crumbling" near by would do the trick. A meandering path that invites the visitor to walk around peacefully and slowly would also be appropriate. Remember that a straight path is for business and a winding one for relaxation. A meandering path is especially suitable for a smaller area as it will make it feel much larger than it is. Mimosa trees, with their almost fairy-like flowers, are highly appropriate for this type of romantic landscaping. Find them in our mail order nursery.

Hay Scented Ferns make a great ground cover plant because they grow well together and make a great thick area of deciduous ferns because they do well in either partial sun or full shade and make a great ground cover.

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