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Affordable flowering vines

When you want to add a splash of color to a landscape, it’s hard to beat flowering vines for size and impact. We’ve got a vast range of flowering vines for sale at low grower prices, so you’re sure to find a flowering vine to suit your particular needs.

flowering vines for your zone
Whether you live in area three, area 10 or somewhere in between, we’ve got several fantastic flowering vines for your region. Why not try our beautiful pink spreading phlox or the blue alternative. Both these plants thrive in the coldest part three areas, and up to zone 10 and between them they suit a wide variety of color schemes.

Scented flowering vines

If you’re looking or flowering vines that will fill your garden with a heavenly scent, then look no further than our range of fragrant flowering vines. Our Halls Japanese honeysuckle and Mayflower are particularly popular choices that produce only gorgeous perfumes. Their colors complement each other too, so they look and smell great planted together.

Pro tip:
Don’t over fertilize your flowering vines with a high-nitrogen fertilizer. If you do, you risk getting lots of leafy green growth at the expense of colorful flowers.

If you want lots of beautiful flowers, you’re better off using a balanced fertilizer or a fertilizer that’s higher in potassium. This won’t increase the maximum number of flowers your plants can produce, but it can improve the quality of your flowers and help your plants defend against diseases, which will usually diminish flower quality and quantity when they infect flowering plants.

So if you want to grab the best deals on flowering vines, our vast range of flowering vines is sure to contain something beautiful to suit your needs. Buy yours today from just $4.99.