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If you’re wondering where to buy ferns online, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a vast range of ferns for sale, and you’re sure to grab a bargain if you choose one of our awesome fern package deals.

The perfect collection of ferns for your zone
We’ve put together several incredible fern package deals that will suit your needs whether you want 10, 25, 50 or more ferns. The best thing about our packages though is that we fill them with the ferns that will grow well in your area.

Fern Plants are Perfect Collections for your Zone

All you have to do is place an order for one or more of our fern packages. When you fill in your shipping details, we’ll determine which USDA hardiness zone you’re in and select a range of ferns that grow well in that zone. And we won’t just select varieties that are rated for your area.

We source fern propagation stock from every zone in the US, so we can grow individual ferns that are adapted to your specific climate conditions. When we pack your order, we’ll select ferns that are ideally suited to your zone and so will perfectly match the climate in your area.

Other nurseries have packages with set species and varieties. But when you order one of our fern package deals, you don’t have to worry about checking each type to ensure it will tolerate your climate. Instead, you choose the package that has the number of plants you want, and we’ll do the rest. You can then sit back and wait for your package to arrive as you’ll know that every one of your new plants will suit your garden.

Pro tip:


That means they like moist soil and moist air. If you live in a drier area, you can increase the humidity around your ferns with minimal effort by installing an automatic misting system.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on 10 or more ferns, all our fern packages offer great value and are tailored for your garden zone.

Fern Grab Bag (Mixture of Varieties)

Evergreen Christmas Fern(Polystichum acrostichoides)


It is an annual, evergreen plant native eastern North America. It works well in fairy wet and sheltered habitats in forested, rocky gradients, and stream banks, and are used to conserve soil allay and control erosions in steep landscapes. It's a natural plant which does well in many environments and soils.


Ostrich Ferns (Matteuccia struthiopteris)


Ostrich fern is a colony and crown forming plant. It grows from a general perpendicular crown, and it grows well along shorelines and sandbars. They form new peaks through lateral stolons. They form dense colonies resistant to destruction by floodwaters., due to their delicacy, they are delicious vegetables. It's not advisable or unwise to eat uncooked fiddleheads.




Cinnamon fern(Osmundastrum cinnamomeum)


They are tall with a clump-forming and wildly grow in swampy and moist Mountain slopes. They have a high growth rate of up to 2-5 ft, .and 2-3wide, needs low maintenance, pest, and disease repellants. These plants propagate by sowing spore at 15-16°C. Thus needs to be sown with a period of 3 days to avoid losing their viability quickly.


Leatherwood Fern (Dryopteris marginalis)


A native of North American with beautiful foliage Furthermore is comfortable to grow green ferns ever. They have a growth rate of up to 0.8m tall by 0.3 wide at a medium height. Do well in hardy zones (UK)4, tolerating temperatures down to about -30°. The plant prefers moist, acidic to neutral soils. I am thus succeeding in ordinary fertile soil in a shady position.


Golden Ferns (Selaginella kraussiana)


This plant grows well as a ground cover in shady, damp areas. Its widely known by having large fonds with yellow sporangia covering the undersides. The plant does not have flowers and, it produces spores primarily as a means of the replica. It breeds a square 6 inches tall with a dispersal growth pattern that resembles moss.


Holly fern (Cyrtomium falcatum)


This ferns blooms in moderate sunlight, are deer and drought resistant.

Fern- Pteridophytes

The classic fern is a fantastic addition to any garden or home collection. A variety of plant- the array of green shades and leaf patterns make it easy to find a fern for any place or occasion in your home. Fern's make beautiful additions to outside gardens and landscaping, patios, as well as lively and festive home decor.

The long delicate fronds of a fern can bring any space to life with an abundance of fresh filagrie.

The fern can bring the ambiance of fun or peaceful tropical paradise to any corner of your home or lawn.

Ferns look beautiful hanging from ceilings or rafters as well as perched on bookshelves and coffee tables.

Not only do ferns make lovely porch decor, but they are also an easy way to bring nature indoors. Some creative spaces for ferns include bathrooms, office spaces, bedrooms, and spare rooms/offices/sanctuaries. The fern can be contained into a small area or pot, but left in the wild can grow to over 50 feet in height.

Comfortable in both direct sunlight and the shade, ferns are easy to take care of, not demanding of their owners, and require minimal maintenance.

Moist, but not overwatered, soil creates a beautiful environment for the plant to thrive. Ferns are very durable plants that can withstand climate changes with ease.

Finally, ferns are not known to pose a threat to health.

Not only are they are safe to be around small children and animals, but the fern is also not an attractive plant for pests.

Ferns are unusual in their reproduction methods. Unlike many plants that utilize seeds to reproduce, the fern has spores.

The noncomplex nature of the fern makes it the perfect plant to liven up and add a burst of oxygen into any space.

Fern Plants Grab Bag

Boston Fern--Nephrolepsis exaltata.


Ferns are non-flowering plants that offer fantastic texture and versatility with their beautiful arching green fronds. Because of this, ferns command attention when they are planted alone, but they also add a stunning backdrop for the shade garden, making them excellent companions for flowering plants. Useful in mass plantings, ferns also add drama when used in borders or as accent plants. Individual fronds make beautiful additions to arrangements of cut flowers and bouquets.


There are more than 380 varieties of ferns in North America, in varying shades of green, providing a variety of exciting and ornamental patterns. Although they are similar to flowering plants, with roots, stems, and leaves, ferns reproduce differently by spreading tiny spores or by the growth of bulblets. A bulblet is a little vegetative bud that develops on the fronds of some ferns. When the bulblet comes in contact with the ground, it can take root.


Ferns average one to three feet in height, as well as diameter, and are slow growers. Most require evenly moist, well-draining, humus-rich soil and regular watering. The ground should not be allowed to dry out between watering times. Different varieties need varying amounts of shade. They have few pest problems.


Perennials that continue to grow for years, ferns may be propagated through division, preferably in spring. The fern should be watered first, then gently dug up and divided into two or three clumps which can then be replanted. Fiddleheads are the rolled-up fronds seen when a fern experiences growth.


One of the most popular ferns is the Boston fern, loved for its showy fronds which can reach up to five feet in length. Though often displayed in hanging baskets, it is also a great addition to the garden. It thrives in high humidity and temperatures in the 60's and 70's.

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