Evergreen Shrubs


Evergreen Shrubs


TN Nursery customers prize our generous selection of evergreen shrubs for numerous reasons. First and foremost, they adore the infusion of lovely green color that lasts all year long.


TN Nursery customers know that we send out only the healthiest, best evergreen shrubs, among other plants. Our customers entrust us with their needs, and their return business proves that we deliver on our promises.


Why Evergreen Shrubs Are So Essential in Your Landscape


Beyond the fantastic good looks of our evergreen shrubs, they choose them for five other reasons:


  •        Evergreens are easy-care species: We cultivate only species that will be easy to plant and grow--we want you to have excellent success!
  •        They attract pollinators: Pollination is crucial for sustainable plant health. These will attract some of the earliest and late-season pollinator insects, including bumblebees, moths, and butterflies.
  •        You can create natural privacy or barriers: Skip the expensive installation of fences, walls, or other privacy barriers. Evergreen shrubs can grow to an impressive height and are more charming than a fence.
  •        You'll prune them into attractive shapes: These species are resilient to pruning and trimming. Add these plants to your yard if you want to grow a topiary or admire a well-manicured hedge.
  •        Stop soil erosion: Evergreen shrubs are an ideal way to stop soil erosion. If you notice the earth in your yard eroding, the roots of these plants will take root quickly and help lock the soil into place.


While this list of reasons to plant shrubbery is not all-inclusive, it highlights the top five benefits of adding them to the garden.


Our Favorite Evergreen Shrubs


What evergreen shrubs do TN Nursery customers love? Here are a few:


  •        Privet: These shrubs thrive in almost all USDA plant hardiness zones. They can perfectly define a yard or stand alone as an ornamental. They are drought-resistant, easy to plant, and don't mind if you prune them to a specific size or shape. They make a gorgeous hedge.
  •        Boxwood: This classic hedge plant is best in moderately warm growing zones and can help define your boundary. If you don't trim it back, it can grow as high as a privacy fence--or taller! This flexibility makes it a customer favorite.
  •        Arborvitae: If you want to invest in the tallest of our evergreen shrubs, look no further than the arborvitae. This species is a gorgeous, ten-foot species, fast-growing species. Did we mention how beautiful a plant it is?


You Can Rely on TN Nursery For Your Evergreen Shrubs


Whether you want evergreen trees or shrubs--or any other plant needs--you can rely on our experience. Please browse our website and place your order with complete confidence in us.


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