Evergreen Shrubs

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Evergreen Shrubs

We all know the feeling of trying to spruce up our yards but not knowing where to start. We have all been there, looking at our yards and thinking, "this needs some work." But where do we start? Do we go with a classic rose bush? Or maybe something a little more unique, like an evergreen shrub? The options are endless!


So whether you're looking for a low-maintenance option or something that will provide some year-round interest, consider a variety of evergreen shrubs at TN Nursery.


What are Evergreen Shrubs?

Evergreen shrubs are best for privacy hedges, living fences, and windbreaks. They provide visual interest and shelter all year long, unlike their deciduous counterparts, which can look rather dull in winter. But what exactly are evergreen shrubs? They are shrubs that retain their foliage throughout the year. This can be advantageous in numerous ways.


For example, for those living in an area with cold winters, evergreen shrubs provide much-needed color and interest when everything else is bleak and bare. In addition, they can provide privacy and wind protection year-round. Whether looking for a fast-growing hedge or a low-maintenance ground cover, evergreen shrubs are a great choice.


Why Should You Grow Evergreen Shrubs?

Shrubs are essential to the landscape, providing structure and year-round interest. Evergreen shrubs are valuable, as their foliage remains green even in the middle of winter. This can provide a much-needed splash of color when everything else in your backyard is drab and gray.


In addition, evergreen shrubs can provide crucial shelter for birds and other wildlife during the year's coldest months. With so many benefits, it's no wonder that evergreen shrubs are such a popular choice for landscaping.


Evergreen shrubs are a staple in many gardens and landscapes. They provide year-round interest with their dense foliage and compact growth habit. However, there are also some drawbacks to consider before planting evergreen shrubs. Below are some pros to help you decide if they're right for your garden.


Pros for Evergreen Shrubs

  •      Evergreen shrubs provide color and texture when other plants are dormant in the winter months.
  •      They are low-maintenance and do not require annual pruning like many deciduous shrubs.
  •      Because of their dense growth habit, you can use them as living privacy fences or hedges.

Overall, evergreen shrubs are a versatile addition to any garden. Weigh the pros and downsides carefully to decide if these types of trees are right for your landscape.


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