English Ivy Plant

English Ivy Plant

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English Ivy Vine - Hedera Helix

English Ivy Vine easy-to-maintain climber has glossy green foliage. It grows in Zones 4-9 in shady areas with fertile, well-drained soil, and its vines can reach 100 feet or more. English ivy grows slowly the first year, but becomes prolific by its third year. It is useful for hiding unattractive surfaces, as a screen, or as a groundcover where it stays six to nine inches tall.

English Ivy, also known as European Ivy, is a popular evergreen commonly used as a ground cover. It grows quickly, up to 8 inches high, along with the ground and as climbing plants (on trees, cliffs, and walls) in partially to fully shaded areas, even under trees.

English Ivy prefers moist soil with neutral pH.

English Ivy is a shade-loving perennial woody helix vine great for ground cover, wall covering, and medicinal purposes.It does better in the shade but tolerates partial sun until it is established. It can quickly cover trees, harbors, and outbuildings, therefore creating a more relaxed spot of shade to escape the summer heat. A hardy vine that many homeowners use for shady landscapes to compliment with the wrought iron decor, stone, and around tree bottoms. Many people have seen the vine covering sides of homes and vast stonewalls in the picture, not knowing it was an English Ivy. English Ivy is a ground cover choice that grows fast in the warm climates and slower in the colder regions. Considered an ornamental vine, the beautiful evergreen leaves are slightly reflective due to the shiny cast to the waxy leaves. It is native to Europe but found in Asia and North America. Birds love the fall purple-black berries, while the bees and other nectar lovers enjoy the tiny greenish-yellow flowers on the Hedera helix. It falls in the evergreen family, which means it is winter hardy. Therefore, it will continue to be a living part of the garden by adding an interesting contrast against the white snow. A beautiful overflowing plant makes a good choice for a hanging basket and adds a welcoming appeal to a front porch.

The ivy clippings from the English Ivy make an excellent addition to a vase for a table or windowsill, especially when mixed with other garden flowers.

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English Ivy Vine