Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar

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Eastern Red Cedar Tree - Juniperus Virginiana

Eastern Red Cedar trees are stunning evergreens that are native to most of the United States, and some parts of Canada. With deep reddish-brown trunks and lovely evergreen leaves sprinkled with blue berry-like seed cones, these trees provide a wonderful view. They also give shade in which to enjoy it, thanks to their dense foliage. They're quite pleasing to the eye, and the cedar wood scent the emanate makes them appealing to the nose as well. Blooming in winter, they grow at a medium rate, up to about 24 inches per year, and they can average about 30 to 60 feet in total. They are sturdy trees with long lives, some being up to 700 years old. This may be due to their durability, as they can withstand almost any temperature, hot or cold. They're also strong enough to last through droughts and tolerate salt fairly well. More than just being a beautiful addition to the landscape, these trees can be used in a wide variety of ways: they are great wind-breakers (which makes them wonderful for farms), they act as insect and moth repellents (wonderful for anyone), they are aromatic and the wood can be used to keep closets and other things fresh, and their pyramidal shape makes them perfect Christmas trees. These trees are great for wildlife, too, attracting butterflies and providing shelter for a plethora of bird species, including dove and robins. Though they can grow in plenty of environments, they're most common in the central United States. They grow best in wide, open spaces where they can receive the full force of the sun, but they still thrive in city environments. Soil is no issue, as they can grow in just about any type. They're beautiful, sturdy, useful trees that can flourish just about anywhere. With all the Red Cedar has to offer, it's hard not to be impressed by these glorious trees.

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